Top 6 Best One-Piece Toilets in 2022: Reviewed

List of the Best One-Piece Toilets in Market

With the tiny house movement, living spaces are getting smaller and so are your bathrooms. You need something that is compact, functional, and also aesthetic. Best one-piece toilets to the rescue! For starters, one-piece toilets have great aesthetics. They are a good match for a contemporary bathroom design in every modern home. In a one-piece … Read more

What Are Toilets Made Of and 2 Alternatives

what are toilets made of

Since the very beginning of the toilet industry, toilets have been largely manufactured of the same material; Porcelain. And centuries later it continues to be so. It is another story about toilet seats though. Over time they have evolved from porcelain to vinyl plastic, resins, and in some cases, even wood. Vitreous China, that is, … Read more

5 Best No-Clog Toilets for Big Stools

best no-clog toilets for big stools

Clogged toilets can be a big issue in any household. And if people are in a morning rush, the problem increases tenfold. If you are someone who faces the issue of clogged toilets due to big stools, it is time to switch to no-clog toilets. No one would like to spend hours unclogging a toilet. … Read more

TOP 5 Best Japanese-Style Toilet Reviews

TOP 5 Best Japanese-Style Toilet Reviews

If you are one of those people who have experienced the comfort of Japanese-style toilets first-hand and are now willing to buy one, this article is for you. A Japanese bidet is a jackpot for people who are fed up with the chafing effect of toilet paper. These bidets let you clean yourself completely eliminating … Read more