6 Best 10-Inch Rough in Toilets in 2022: Reviewed

If you want a smaller toilet model that is easily available, look for the best 10-inch rough in toilets. While finding a 10-inch rough in toilet can be a tricky task it is not impossible altogether.

In this article, I will take you through the top 6 best 10-inch rough in toilets for shorter people. These toilets can be also used by people who are specially abled and need a shorter toilet model. The best part is that most of these toilets are from the top brands so you can trust the quality.

List of the best 10-inch rough in toilets

1. Kohler K-3889-0 Highline 10″

This two-Piece toilet has a contemporary design and offers just one color option: white. But the best part is the toilet is easy to clean and bacteria-resistant. Moreover, the bowl is elongated, making it suitable for both men and women of all ages and health concerns.

To begin the flushing procedure, a comfortable plunger is included and can be pushed down. Press the plunger to start the flush. The Kohler Highline uses only 1.28 GPF and thus saves water. It packs a powerful punch and quickly washes away all waste, eliminating the need to press it again.

Furthermore, the toilet has the comfort height of a standard chair. The seat and supply line must be ordered separately as they are not included in the pack, but all bolts are included. When it comes to pricing, the Kohler Highline two-piece toilets range from $300 to $350.

The installation requires only three bolts, which are included in the package. You must ensure that you gather everything per the instructions. The pre-installed tank bolts make installation a breeze.


  • The price is affordable.
  • Comfort height
  • Saves water


  • Seat not included
  • Limited One year warranty

2. American Standard Cadet 3 – Runner-Up

American Standard is a major name in the toilet industry. They offer High-Performance vitreous china commercial toilets in a range of mounting options, sizes, forms, flushing systems, and rates. The toilet has an EverClean surface that protects it from bacteria, stains, foul odors, mildew, and mold.

Meanwhile, the flushing process is simple and quick. When you press the lever, water flows through the 3-inch flush valve. When compared to standard toilets, it utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush.

Also, the package includes a seat with a slow-close mechanism. It means you don’t hear the sound of the seat closing loudly. There is also a simple lift-off feature.

This American Standard Cadet ADA-compliant two-piece toilet model is reasonably priced. It is said to be affordable for most people. Its price ranges from $300 to $350. The installation procedure is simple.


  • Saves the water
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Secured from leaks


  • Flush creates noise

3. American Standard Colony – Budget-Friendly

The American standard new colony toilet is designed to be elegant, long-lasting, and dependable. The long-lasting vitreous china structure, siphon action bowl with direct fed jet, and 2 in. A flapper flush valve will last for years.

Furthermore, the new colony toilet complements any decor by working nicely with a number of styles. It is a Low usage toilet with a performance of 1.6 gallons per flush (6.0 Lpf/1.6 GPF).

If you need a toilet with a 10-inch rough-in, this American Standard model is a good option. It also includes a 12-inch option. You can select one of three bright colors that best complement the bathrooms. This device is ideal for senior persons but inconvenient for families with children.

The toilet comes with PowerWash rim technology, which cleanses the bowl with each flush. It consumes very little water. This American Standard toilet kit comes with everything you need to get started, but you’ll need to buy a seat separately.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to Install
  • Two-year warranty


  • Flushing could improve

4. Toto Eco Drake 10-inch

Another way and one of the best 10-inch rough-in toilets is to install the 10 ″ Toto Drake CST744EF. Many people use it to fit in a shorter rough-in size (less than 10 inches).

The TOTO Drake CST744EF can fit into 9, 9.25, 9.5, and also 9.75-inch rough-ins. The reason behind this is when you install this toilet it leaves a gap of 1.1 inches clearance in the back between the tank and the wall surface.

You will find several reviews and comments on Amazon stating that people had successfully installed this model for 9-inch rough-in. This could be because the horn of this 10 ″ Toto is 2-5/8 inches and, people may have shifted the bolts away from the wall by 1/4 inch off-center and they got their 9″ rough-in.

TOTO toilets are already one of the best in the market and, Drake CST744EF is the one that cures the problem of uncommon rough-in and fits into a 9-inch rough-in size.

5. Kohler K-3851-0 Cimarron

With all the features that satisfy ADA compliances, Kohler Cimarron is a two-piece toilet. Built using vitreous China, this toilet uses less water and has a water sensing certification.

Cimarron comes with a Kohler’s AquaPiston flushing mechanism. This enhances the power of the flushing system. The system not only uses less water but also makes sure that the waste is cleared after the first flush. The system works by enhancing water pressure which in turn forces the water into the bowl up to the perimeter of the rim ensuring a complete cleaning. You won’t face the problem of clogging while using Cimarron.

Cimarron has a first flush cleaning capacity. The fully glazed trap way makes it smoother to use. The seat is fitted at a chair height making it comfortable. The elongated bowl design makes it convenient to use. As for the sanitization and external cleaning, any kind of cleaning product can be used on Cimarron as there is no special coating.


  • ADA compliant
  • Water-Sense certified
  • AquaPiston flush system
  • Fully glazed trap way
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • The shape at the base of the toilet makes it difficult to use a plunger

6. Toto CST412MF.10#01 Aquia

Toto is one of the top manufacturers of toilet seats. This firm is constantly devoted to producing a universal class of toilet seats and delivering the greatest and most elegant toilets to its customers. The Toto 10-inch rough in toilet is another model in this long list of achievements.

The Toto Aquia is a great little toilet with an excellent flushing mechanism. This method allows you to select water in 0.9 to 1.6 gallons per flow. This mechanism distinguishes your toilet from others and elevates your restroom experience.

This small toilet’s stylish appearance is enhanced by an elongated skirt with standard height, a chrome push button, an elongated bowl, and a skirted design with standard height.

Buying a 10-inch Rough-in Toilet: Guide

Measuring the Rough-In

In plumbing terms, the “rough-in” is the gap between the wall behind the toilet and the toilet’s bolt cap. Toilets on the market often feature a rough-in of 10′′, 12′′, or 14′′.

Before you go buying a 10-inch rough in toilet, make sure you have the room for it. The sort of toilet that your plumber may install is determined by the rough-in distance. When purchasing a toilet, the rough-in should be measured first. You should start measuring from the wall to the bolt cap, not from the molding to the bolt cap.

One or Two-piece

As you can see from the list, 10-inch rough in toilets come in both one-piece and two-piece designs. It’s up to you to decide which model you would prefer.

One-piece toilets combine the toilet and its bowl into a single unit. In general, one-piece toilets are easier to install and clean than two-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets are made up of two separate units, the bowl, and the tank, that are bolted together at the top.

Round Bowl vs Elongated Bowl

The next item to consider is your toilet bowl. The arrangement of your bathroom will decide the shape of your toilet bowl. The round bowl takes up minimal space due to its spherical design, making it a great alternative for compact bathrooms.

Consider an elongated bowl for optimum beauty and comfort in bigger bathrooms. An oval-shaped elongated bowl is longer than a circular bowl.

Flushing System

It is vital to select a toilet with sufficient flushing power for your requirements. Gravity toilets, as the name suggests, flush waste using gravity. When the flush handle is pulled, all of the water in the tank pours into the bowl, eradicating all waste.

In pressure-assisted toilets, a mechanical tank is employed. This plastic tank generates a forceful stream of water when the toilet is flushed, efficiently eliminating waste while also conserving water.

Bottom Line

Now you know the best 10-inch rough in toilets without compromising on the features. I have made sure to mention every product that will deliver all the required features and some noteworthy brands.

The toilet is a day-to-day product that each one of us needs. We all use the toilet every day, without a doubt.  After a lot of research, I suggest you the Kohler Highline as the best 10-inch rough in toilet, that is if you are not working on a budget. But if you need a budget-friendly toilet, then American Standard Colony is a great option.

I hope this guide will help you. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Now go ahead and choose the top 10-inch rough in that suits your needs.

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