Top 3 Best Composting toilets – Review and Guide

In this article, we will tell you about the best composting toilets. Also, we will be reviewing them and give you a buying guide as well. In this best composting toilets review, we will provide you top 3 best composting toilets available in the market.

We will be explaining how composting toilets work and the different methods that various manufacturers use to achieve the final result. So, we suggest you stay here for more details on the best composting toilets.

Modern technology has made composting toilets more efficient and self-sustaining. These composting toilets are compact enough to be used in RVs and small boats.

We have done thorough research preparing this article, and we recommend you read our best composting toilets review and buying guide to the last.

Here we go.



best composting toilets

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Nature’s Head composting toilets are very self-contained compact toilets. Although it has an overall small size, yet possesses an elongated comfort-sized seat.

Nature’s Head is surely one of the best composting toilets that can work at any temperature. The toilet is usually filled with about 2 gallons of absorbent before use, and as it is used, the spider-shaped agitator handle is turned a few times to mix the waste with the moss.

You will need to clean the toilet after 80 uses. Also, there is a vent pipe with a fan that operates on 12V to remove any odors from a vent pipe. In short, it manages solid waste very efficiently.


best composting toilets

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In North America, the Sun-Mar Excel is one of the bestselling composting toilets. It has a large capacity and can handle three adults or a family of five on an ongoing basis or up to 6 adults on a weekend getaway.

Meanwhile, this composting toilet has an electrical heat and vent fan. It can evaporate all liquids under normal circumstances, so it handles liquid water very nicely. And there is an emergency 1/2” drain outlet to prevent overflow when dealing with overuse or power cuts.

Moreover, the toilet seat is quite high to accommodate the composting tray in the base. As this composting toilet is higher than a standard toilet, making the toilet more comfortable a small step is included with it.


best composting toilets

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In our list of the best composting toilets, it is a second entry from Nature’s Head. Basically, it is very similar to Nature’s Head Self Contained toilet, except for one thing, these composting toilets come with a standard crank handle instead of the slider handle.

It has the same elongated toilet seat design for added comfort. And the separator as well, which channels urine into a detachable urine bottle. Moreover, it also uses the same 12V vent fan which blows out the malodor through a 5’ outlet pipe.

Meanwhile, this composting toilet has a container and a lid to remove the waste product. And additional containers and lids are also available if you want to compost the waste for long periods.

To mention here, it would be worth buying some extra piping to extend the waste gas outlet because you may find the 5’ outlet pipe a little short when used with an RV.

Best composting toilets buying guide


Composting toilets are the one which uses less or no water to flush away the waste. Instead, the solid waste is mixed with peat moss or sawdust and left to turn into a harmless fertilizer by aerobic action. As a result, no use of water is really needed.

If you live in an area with an inadequate water supply or no connection to the drainage system, these best composting toilets are for you. They are typically found ideal for such conditions. And composting toilets are practical as well, for use when camping, in an RV, or on your boat.


The three best composting toilets that we have mentioned here are quite easy to install. All you need is two brackets attached to the floor to secure the toilet in place. And an electric supply of 12V for the operation of the extraction fan.

Many toilets have a pipe to vent the gasses and odors of solid waste, so a hole may need to be drilled to let the pipe into the open air, and that’s it. And now, before you use the toilet, it needs to be filled with the appropriate amount of peat moss or sawdust.


There are numerous benefits of composting toilets:

  • They are suitable for new constructions at remote sites
  • They don’t need water for flushing, thus reducing water consumption. And this reduction in water consumption lessens the need for disposal of wastewater
  • A self-contained system removes the necessity of transportation of wastes for disposal
  • Composting human waste and burying it around the non-edible plants keep adding organic waste to the environment
  • They have a very low power consumption
  • Kitchen wastes can also be disposed of in composting toilets

Along with the benefits, it should be noted that composting toilets do have some disadvantages as well when compared to traditional toilets:

  • You can not go willy-nilly with the toilet paper
  • Maintenance of the composting toilet systems needs more work and responsibility by both users and owners than with a conventional toilet system
  • Removing the waste can be an unpleasant job if the composting toilet is poorly maintained or incorrectly installed

In sum up

Although composting toilets are safe, clean, and efficient, some people may have a psychological distaste for them. A standard flush toilet is much more suitable for most people.

On the second thought, if you live in remote areas where it is not practical to have an adequate water supply and a sewage disposal system, composting toilets serve better. And in our best composting toilets review, we have listed our top 3 picks for the same.

All of them are the best composting toilets as well as the best self-contained units that show you the convenience of using a composting toilet. We hope this guide on the best composting toilets will help you. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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