Top 10 Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

Kohler Company has been enhancing the lives of its customers with quality goods and services since 1873. It is one of the oldest and biggest privately owned firms in the United States and leads the way in design and innovation with its products and portfolio of brands.

Kohler is now one of the main players in the toilet market. When it comes to high-quality, high-performance toilets, Kohler is one of the leading manufacturers. However, with so many wonderful models from Kohler to select from, how will you pick which toilet is best for your bathroom? In this post on the best Kohler toilet reviews, I’ve selected 10 of the company’s most popular models.

List of the best Kohler toilets

1. Kohler Cimarron Toilet

Kohler Cimarron Review

With all the features that satisfy ADA compliances, Kohler Cimarron is a two-piece toilet. Built using vitreous China, this toilet uses less water and has a water sensing certification.

Cimarron comes with a Kohler’s AquaPiston flushing mechanism. This enhances the power of the flushing system. The system not only uses less water but also makes sure that the waste is cleared after the first flush. The system works by enhancing water pressure which in turn forces the water into the bowl up to the perimeter of the rim ensuring a complete cleaning. You won’t face the problem of clogging while using Cimarron.

Cimarron has a first flush cleaning capacity. The fully glazed trap way makes it smoother to use. The seat is fitted at a chair height making it comfortable. The elongated bowl design makes it convenient to use. As for the sanitization and external cleaning, any kind of cleaning product can be used on Cimarron as there is no special coating.


  • ADA compliant
  • Water-Sense certified
  • AquaPiston flush system
  • Fully glazed trap way
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • The shape at the base of the toilet makes it difficult to use a plunger

2. Kohler Devonshire Toilet

kohler devonshire

It gives comfort to the users and also adds space which is why this model is growing in popularity. Kohler Devonshire is also made to sit at a height, which is very good for all users whether their height is small or big. One of the most noticeable aspects of this toilet is that its one that comes with an elongated look. Apart from this, it is an excellent choice, which means that it is relatively easy to install.

For the most part, the flushing system is relatively simple, so you don’t have to worry too much, you will get whatever you want easily. This is an option that is made to be fast and environmentally friendly but still gives you the level necessary to avoid frequent clogging. It’s also an option that carries EPA WaterSense certification. Its flushing system uses gravity to provide more power than other options.

All the products used to make this product are Ada compliant, making it a great choice for all users. It is designed in such a way that it is not too difficult to clean this toilet. As a result, you will be able to use a gentle cleanser with water to keep the toilet well or in good shape.


  • Highly affordable
  • Strong flushing
  • Quick installation


  • Blemishes
  • It may clog easily if not maintained

3. Kohler Wellworth Toilet

Kohler Wellworth

It is a standard height toilet. The bowl is sufficiently sized, and the height of the bowl is comfortable. The shape and design of the Kohler Wellworth are pretty minimal and very simple but since it is a two-piece toilet, the look of the toilet is enhanced by its elegantly designed cover.

When it comes to efficiency, the Kohler Wellworth is rated in Class 5. A single flush action design flushes water and is rushed under high pressure from the center of the canister-based flush valve. The flush gets rid of the bulk waste in style, the flush comes with a chrome-finish trip handle which lends luxury to your bathroom.

The Wellworth toilet comes with a fully glazed 2 1/8 inch trap way and a very efficient 1.6-gallon flushing mechanism, ensuring that the design cleans the bowl on every single flush without the need of having to flush twice or have any kind of clogging.

The Kohler Wellworth toilet is not ADA certified, which means it cannot be installed for the use of the public in an office or a public restroom.


  • Priced competitively, makes it a good choice
  • Uses less water to flush making it environment friendly
  • Modern design to facilitate cleaning


  • Not ADA certified

4. Kohler Highline Toilet

kohler highline

It is a toilet that combines efficiency, power, and comfort into a single unit. Kohler Highline has Class Five flush performance, which means it can handle a large amount of waste in a single gravity-fed flush. These toilets are an excellent example of a toilet that combines eco-friendliness with performance.

Moreover, the Kohler Highline uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, allowing it to meet the EPA’s stringent criteria for being designated as a WaterSense model. It also meets CALGreen requirements. Talking about the design, it has an elongated shape bowl and is a two-piece tank/bowl combo that must be attached during installation.

Furthermore, it is a floor-mounted toilet finished in a bright white, has a right-hand trip lever, and is made of ceramic china. Unfortunately, its trapway is not hidden.


  • Comfort Height Toilet (ADA compliant)
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Straightforward Installation
  • Quiet


  • Relatively expensive

5. Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet

KOHLER 5402-0 Veil Intelligent Wall-Hung Toilet

If you want a stylish and elegant wall-hung Japanese toilet then look for Kohler 5402-0 Veil. It is a one-piece toilet and also one of the best Kohler toilets available in the market.

Kohler Veil comes with a 5-year warranty compared to 3-years of other wall-hung toilets. These wall-mounted toilets feature a concealed in-wall tank and carrier system that gives the toilet an intuitive and minimalistic. Also, it saves a lot of space under the toilet system, keeping the cleaning really easy.

Its typical elongated bowl offers comfortable seating for the person. Moreover, these wall-mounted toilets are designed with a grip-tight Q3 seat, granting a comfortable seating position to the house members. Meanwhile, the vitreous China white material of the Kohler Veil is durable and lasts for a long time.

Additionally, these toilets are both water and money savior as they remove the solid waste in a single flush and keep the bowl shining all the time. The only drawback is that you may require two flushes at the time of cleaning as it doesn’t have as many cleaning features.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Wall hung toilet with completely concealed tank
  • Affordable in its category
  • A fully-adjustable stainless steel bidet wand
  • Actuator plate
  • LCD touchscreen remote for touchless operation


  • No advanced cleaning features

6. Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet

Kohler Santa Rosa

The one-piece design of this Santa Rosa toilet offers a contemporary flair to your bathroom area while conserving space with a compact elongated bowl. Its 1.28-gallon high-efficiency flush saves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year when compared to an outdated 3.5-gallon toilet, without losing functionality. Its chair height and extended seat make it easy to operate.

The tank and bowl of this one-piece toilet are integrated into a smooth, easy-to-clean design. Furthermore, a Compact elongated bowl provides additional comfort while taking up the same area as a round-front bowl. Chair height seating is available at Kohler Santa Rosa, making it simpler for most people to sit and stand.

Its Single flush gravity creates a forceful siphon while flushing by utilizing gravity and a precisely constructed tank, bowl, and trapway. The AquaPiston canister allows water to enter the bowl from all sides (360 degrees), improving the flush’s force and efficacy. For leak-free performance, the Kohler Santa Rosa features a durable canister design with 90 percent less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper.


  • Easy to Clean
  • WaterSense Certified
  • ADA Compliant
  • Easy to Install


  • Expensive

7. Kohler Memoirs Toilet

kohler memoirs

This two-piece toilet blends water-saving flush performance with classic style, including the exquisite architectural aspect of the Memoirs line with Stately design. When compared to a 3.5-gallon toilet, a high-efficiency 1.28-gallon flush saves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year without sacrificing flush power. The elongated bowl is set at a comfortable height for comfort and convenience of usage.

The tank and bowl of many modern toilets have a smooth round shape, but this toilet also has a square shape base just below the rim. It’s a Comfort Height toilet, which is ideal for taller people as well as those who struggle to stand or sit.

The Kohler Memoirs toilet is WaterSense certified and uses only 1.28 GPF. The AquaPiston flushing system employs a flapper less canister flush valve, making it virtually leakproof. Because two-piece toilets are more prone to leaking, this is an excellent feature to have. This water-saving toilet will also provide a good flush, as do all Kohler toilets. It also rinses an additional 50% more thoroughly, resulting in a cleaner bowl after each flush.


  • Water Conservative
  • Comfort Height
  • Easy Installation
  • Sleek Design


  • Toilet Seat Not Included

8. Kohler Tresham Toilet

Kohler tresham

The Tresham line is inspired by the edgy, neo-traditional design of Shaker-style furniture. Kohler K-3950 Tresham comfort height two-piece elongated 1.28 GPF toilet has a refined trim that resembles architectural molding. The K-3950 comes in ten colors: almond, black black, biscuit, cashmere, dune, ice grey, Mexican sand, sandbar, thunder grey, and white.

The K-3950 has a comfort-height seat that is comparable to the height of a normal chair, making it simpler for individuals of all ages and degrees of mobility to sit and stand. The K-3950’s 1.28 gpf performance ability qualifies it as a high-efficiency toilet, meeting tough flushing criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program and saving up to 16,500 gallons of water per year when compared to outdated 3.5 gpf toilets.

The big 3-1/4-inch canister flush valve swiftly distributes water from the tank to the bowl, resulting in a power-jet motion that reliably flushes the bowl completely. Its class five classification translates to exceptional bulk-waste flushing performance and top-of-the-line bowl cleaning.


  • WaterSense Certified
  • ADA Compliant
  • Easy to Install
  • Distinctive Design


  • Harder to clean
  • Toilet Seat Not Included

9. Kohler San Souci

K-5172-0 is one of the best Kohler toilets on our list. It is a high-end toilet with a stunning one-piece design that exudes elegance and luxury. This comfort-height toilet also has an elongated toilet seat. As a result, it provides more space and is more comfortable to use.

According to online reviews, these Kohler toilets flush faster, quieter, and more efficiently. To add to that, the San Souci is a water-saving toilet that uses only 1.28 Gallons Per Flush (GPF).

When it comes to design, we would say that this Kohler toilet is space-saving. The elongated bowl model is 27.75 inches long, 16.38 inches wide, and 25.31 inches tall overall. You can also look for its round bowl model, which is two inches shorter in length and saves more space.

A toilet with an elongated toilet bowl is easier to use and clean in comparison. The San Souci Toilet has a clever design that reduces the number of nooks and crannies on the toilet base, making it easier to clean. The canister flush valve from Kohler removes clogs without wasting water.

10. Kohler Corbelle Toilet

kohler corbelle

The Corbelle two-piece toilet has a sleek skirted design and provides powerful, clean swirl-style flushing. Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology, Kohler’s most comprehensive flush to date, keeps your bowl cleaner for longer than a conventional flush.

The ReadyLock(TM) system is simple to install: the skirted trapway attaches to the floor flange and to the toilet, eliminating the need for drilling holes while providing the same secure installation as non-skirted toilets. This WaterSense(R)-labeled high-efficiency toilet saves you money on the water every year.


  • WaterSense Certified
  • ADA Compliant
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Install


  • Toilet Seat Not Included

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Kohler Toilet

One or Two-piece

Kohler offers both one-piece and two-piece toilets. You may have found both on the list.

One-piece toilets combine the toilet and its bowl into a single unit. In general, one-piece toilets are easier to install and clean than two-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets are made up of two separate units, the bowl, and the tank, that are bolted together at the top.


In plumbing terms, the “rough-in” is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the toilet’s bolt cap. Toilets on the market typically have a rough-in of 10′′, 12′′, or 14′′. The type of toilet that your plumber can install is determined by the rough-in distance.

When buying a toilet, you should begin by measuring the rough-in. You should start measuring from the wall to the bolt cap, not from the molding to the bolt cap.

Shape and Size

The next thing you should think about is your toilet bowl. The shape of your toilet bowl will be determined by the layout of your bathroom. Because of its spherical shape, the round bowl takes up little space, making it an ideal choice for small bathrooms.

For maximum style and comfort in larger bathrooms, consider an elongated bowl. An elongated bowl is longer than a round bowl, giving it an oval shape.

If you intend to stay in your home for an extended period of time or sell it, getting an ADA-compliant home can be a wise investment. These toilets, also known as “comfort height,” provide added comfort and facilitate transfers from wheelchairs and walkers.


Kohler offers various styles to choose from. You can always go for the traditional toilet. But there are other options too.

Tankless toilets do away with the tank found on the top of one-piece and two-piece toilets. This allows for space savings while also providing a minimalistic look that will complement both small and large bathrooms.

Another option is wall-mounted toilets. Also known as wall-hung toilets, these are bolted into the wall, saving a lot of floor space. Families with members who have limited mobility prefer wall-mounted toilets because they make transfers from wheelchairs and walkers easier and safer.

Flush System

It is critical to choose a toilet with adequate flushing power for your needs. Gravity toilets, as the name implies, flush waste using the force of gravity. Water is stored in the tank, and when the flush handle is pulled, it all drains into the bowl, removing all waste.

A mechanical tank is used in pressure-assisted toilets. When the toilet is flushed, this plastic tank emits a strong stream of water, effectively removing waste while also conserving water.

Bottom Line

Kohler is a reputed brand name and offers quality products only. You may also find many Kohler toilets apart from the ones mentioned in the list. But these 10 are the top models in all categories. And among these 10, Cimarron is the best choice.

Hope this list of the best Kohler toilets assists you in making a buying decision. Let me know in the comments!

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