Top Low-Profile Toilets | Best Low height toilets for small bathrooms

Low-profile toilets have a low tank height. Low-profile toilets were quite popular decades ago when toilets were allowed to flush with a lot more water. Because of their low tank height, you lose the extra flushing power that is generated due to the higher gravity (in toilets with higher tank height).

But don’t worry, with the new flushing technology available in low-profile toilets, you won’t face any issues. With the help of new pressure assist flushing system in low-profile toilets, you will get a powerful flush even with the low tank height.

So, if you were looking for low-profile toilets on the internet, you have come up at the right place. Here we will share with you the list of the best low-profile toilets that you can buy. All the low-profile toilets that we have listed here are convenient and elegant.

We have prepared this article to help you compare and choose the best low-profile toilets according to your needs and requirements. So, let’s start digging deep into it. But before that let’s take a quick look into why low-profile toilets are becoming so popular and why so many people are willing to buy them.

Why should you opt for Low-Profile toilets?

Or should we say what are the advantages of low-profile toilets?

For starters, there can be many reasons why one chooses to go for low-profile toilets. Some prefer it owing to the cramped size of their bathrooms, some deliberately go for it just because they have the budget. Some choose it for the style, others pick it for convenience. If one has a small space for a toilet, they will definitely need low-profile toilets.

Here you must not confuse low seat toilets with low tank toilets. While you can pic low-height toilets for kids or shorter people, there are many low-profile toilet models that come with a taller Comfort Height seat which is easy for tall adults, the elderly, and people with knee problems.

Low-profile toilets have come a long way since their invention. Previously they were criticised based on the fact that they led to the wastage of water. But the scenario is not the same now. Combined with modern technology low-profile toilets are now equipped with water-saving mechanisms. These new models are easier to clean and come with a powerful flush. So you need not worry about clogging your drains.

If you are uncomfortable using your toilet, then chances are it is the wrong size. Low-profile toilets come for your rescue as they offer a seat of the right height and a bowl of the correct width. Or if you simply need to renovate your ancient bungalow with modern plumbing, these can be a pretty good option. By investing in low-profile toilets, you can change the overall look of your restrooms with the extra benefit of convenience.

In conclusion, low-profile toilets are more of a choice than a need. They are taken as a symbol of style and luxury. But while many people choose them for their elegance, low-profile toilets also present a solution to people who need to fit a toilet under a bathroom shelf or spaces with height constraints. Also, it expands the toilet market and offers the customers an alternative choice compared to the traditional toilets.

Best Low-Profile Toilets | Low-Height Toilets

KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet

low-profile toilets


On our list of the best low-profile toilets, KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet is the first name, and we think it is one of the best low-height toilets available right now.

It is a high-end toilet with a beautiful one-piece design that reflects elegance and luxury. Moreover, this low-height toilet has an elongated toilet seat. As a result, it gives you more space and is comfortable to use as well.

According to the online reviews, these low-profile toilets from Kohler flush faster, quieter, and more efficiently. To add more, the KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci is a high-efficient toilet that saves water because it uses only 1.28 Gallons Per Flush (GPF). So, if you live in a state like California that requires high-efficiency toilets, installing these low-height toilets would be a great option.

When we talk about the design, we would say this low-profile toilet has a space-saving design. The elongated bowl model measures 27.75 inches long, 16.38 inches wide, and has an overall height of 25.31 inches. Moreover, you can also look for its round bowl model to save more space as it is two inches shorter in length.

Comparatively, a toilet with an elongated toilet bowl is easier to use and clean. KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet features a clever design that reduces the nooks and crannies on the toilet base to make it easy to clean. Kohler’s canister flush valve eliminates clogs without wasting water.

So, always try to have a toilet with an elongated bowl unless you have space issues. Overall, KOHLER K-5172-0 1.28 GPF Toilets are good low-height toilets and available in 9 different colors too.

WOODBRIDGE T-0018/B-0735 Toilet

low-profile toilets


WOODBRIDGE T-0018/B-0735 Toilet is another one of the best-selling low-profile toilets on our list. It has the most Amazon reviews than any other low-profile toilets listed here. Compare to other toilets, it has no corners and grooves, which makes it very easy to reach for cleaning. Its skirted trapway creates a sleek look and makes cleaning easier.

Having a height of just 22 inches, these are the second shortest low-height toilets in the market. Based on the online reviews, we can say it is a comfortable low-profile toilet that is easy to clean and offers value for money. It meets the ANSI Z124.1 & ANSI A112-19.7 certifications and the Massachusetts Plumbing & Gas Code.

However, to give it a more nice look, the makers didn’t keep any holes on the sides of the toilet for tightening its floor bolts. Therefore, you can only access its bolts using a ratchet from the back of the toilet.

With that said, you will have to have a little patience during installation to align it properly and tighten the bolts. The product package includes a toilet, pre-installed soft closing toilet seat, high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, and installation instructions. WOODBRIDGE T-0018/B-0735 Toilet also comes with a special hand wrench tool to easily tighten the bolts in narrow spaces. and if you need extra help, their friendly USA-based team helps you when you need it.

Conclusively, WoodBridge T-0018 is one of the attractive and well-made low-profile toilets. And if you don’t know, WoodBridge is a reputed bath & kitchen company located in Cerritos, CA so, you can trust their products.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T803

low-profile toilets


The next name on our list of the best low-profile toilets is Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T803 Chateau One Piece Toilet. It possesses a good look, and the flush works perfectly well. You can save maximum space by installing these low-profile toilets.

However, according to some online reviews, the toilet seat of these low-height toilets are relatively flimsy. So, we’d suggest you get your own seat in addition to the price of the toilet. Luckily, the seat size is 18″ inches long, so you can easily replace the seat with any normal elongated toilet seat.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T803 Chateau One Piece Toilet closes very softly creating the minimum noise possible. These low-height toilets will definitely add style to your modern bathroom.

Winzo WZ5024T Toilet

winzo low-profile toilet


The 26-inch-high Winzo WZ5024T Modern One-Piece Toilet is not just one of the best low-profile toilets but short-depth toilets too. There are hardly any reviews or ratings for this toilet because it was released only in July 2020. So, it is a newbie. But the Amazon specs put the product in a good light.

The best part is, its price is reasonably fair. With that said, this low-profile toilet is worth giving a try, and see how it performs in the long run. Winzo has released a few other models as well, including a 22.75-inch depth toilet. Winzo 22.8 inch depth toilet is the shortest depth toilet for sale in the U.S. right now.

It comes with a powerful flush system with low consumption (only 1.28GPF) that helps you save more water. In addition, the height is convenient and leaves a stylish impression. The low-profile toilet is also easy to clean so you need not worry about the hygiene aspect of the Winzo WZ5024T Modern One-Piece Toilet.

KOHLER K-3597-0 San Raphael Comfort Height Pressure Lite 1.0 GPF Elongated Toilet

KOHLER K-4007-47 San Souci Round-Front 1.28 GPF Toilet


Among all the other low-profile toilets here, KOHLER K-3597-0 San Raphael is the lowest-height toilet. It has a height of 21 1/2-inch. Moreover, this low-height toilet uses Pressure Lite flushing technology. The toilet uses this technology to compress the water into its small tank by using the water pressure of the pipe.

As a result, the pressurized 1.0 Gallon of water is released when you flush it. Apparently, this is the shortest-height toilet that you can get at the moment. And one thing that we would like to point here, low-height toilets from top manufacturers like TOTO, Kohler, and American Standard are a bit expensive. So, if you wish to opt for a mid-price toilet WoodBridge and Swiss Madison will be good options.

KOHLER K-4007-47 San Souci Round-Front 1.28 GPF Toilet

KOHLER K-4007-47 San Souci Round-Front 1.28 GPF Toilet


Here we have another product from Kohler on our list of the best low-height toilets. It also has the shortest toilet depth among others. While it has a height of 24.2 inches, its depth measures just 25.6 inches. It makes this toilet 2 to 5 inches shorter than other low-height toilets models. This can be a huge advantage for those who are looking for a toilet to fit in a cramped space.

This low-height toilet is only 24 inches from the ground to the top of the tank, and with the seat open, it is 31 inches high. So, if you have a small bathroom or want to save space, KOHLER K-4007-47 San Souci Round-Front toilet is for you.

American Standard 2961A104SC.020 Colony Right Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet

low-profile toilets


American Standard is a well-known brand, and we have a product of them in this list of the best low-height toilets. The American Standard 2961A104SC.020 Colony Right Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet is one of the highly efficient low-profile toilets. This low-height toilet is a space-saver along with a clean and modern look.

The one-piece low-profile toilet from American Standard uses just 1. 28 gallons of water per flush (GPF). Consequently, saving 20% more water than a standard 1. 6 GPF toilet. Meanwhile, the American Standard 2961A Colony toilet is 26-3/16″ from the floor to the top of the tank lid, and from the floor to the top of the bowl’s rim, it is 16-1/2″.

To add more, this low-profile toilet model has quite good online ratings. Ease of cleaning is another bonus point of this toilet. Besides, you can also look for their other low-height toilet model like American Standard 2862056.020 Fairfield 1.6 GPF One-Piece Elongated Toilet.

Toto MS644114CEFG#01 Carolina-2 One-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet

low-profile toilets


Like you know, TOTO is a top brand in the U.S. They manufacture toilets having elegant design and great flushing performance. On this list of the best low-profile toilets, we have Toto MS644114CEFG#01 Carolina-2 One-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet for you.

It is a bit expensive, but you’ll get a low-height toilet from a flagship toilet brand. The toilet’s height to the seat is 17-3/8″, whereas the height to the toilet’s bowl is about 16-1/2″.

Moreover, Toto MS644114CEFG#01 Carolina-2 uses a Double Cyclone Flushing System and has a low consumption rate of 1.28 GPF. The SanaGloss ceramic glaze of this low-height toilet prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces. Consequently, giving you the ease of cleaning.

Low Profile Toilets with Low Height Toilet Bowl And Seat

Most of the low-profile toilets are comfort height toilets. So, they have a reasonably tall comfort height bowl and a seat level of around 17 inches. This is more comfortable for tall people and most Americans.

However, if you desire to have a standard height toilet with a 14-15 inch bowl height or a 15-16 inch seat height, then you better go for low-profile toilets with a standard height bowl and seat. These will be comfortable for shorter people as well as for kids.

We have two standard height low-profile toilets listed here. The first is KOHLER K-3722-0 San Raphael Toilet, and the other is KOHLER San Souci K-4007-0 Toilet (Round Bowl). You will find their performance up to mark and they are water efficient.

KOHLER K-3722-0 San Raphael Toilet has 15 inches of bowl height. And height from the floor to the top of the seat is around 16″+. On the other hand, the KOHLER San Souci K-4007-0 Toilet has a standard bowl height of 15.25 inches. And its height from the floor to the top of the seat is around 16.5 inches.

Final thoughts

These were our top picks for the best low-profile toilets. All the low-height toilets or low-profile toilets listed here are convenient and elegant. We have made this article for you to compare and choose the best low-profile toilets by taking into every possible criterion.

Low-profile toilets are also called low-height toilets. On the other hand, toilets with low bowl height are also referred to as low-height toilets. Therefore, when talking about low-height toilets, keep in mind, they can mean both low-profile toilets and toilets with a low bowl height.

Low-profile toilets don’t compromise on your comfort. In fact, they are designed in such a way that offers convenience to people of all age groups. With that said, low-profile toilets don’t come cheap given that they are a symbol of luxury. But a one-time investment in a good low-profile toilet can go a long way.

You should measure the space first where you want to install the new toilet. And then evaluate the available choices on the basis of their features and performance. Moreover, we think that KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet is one of the best performing low-profile toilets. However, if you want a highly efficient low-height toilet, the Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T803 Chateau One Piece Toilet is a good choice. The product specs of both these low-height toilets are exceptional and you can trust the brand name.

After hours of research, we have prepared this article on the best low-profile toilets. All of these toilets are the low-height toilets that are available for sale in the U.S. We hope this guide will help you. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. And let us know if we have missed out on any worthy candidate in our list of the best low-profile toilets.

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