Best Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 2021

Yes, a toilet can be dirty because they are full of human waste, dust is formed then you have to clear the calcium and all of the other minerals that cause deposition in the toilet bowl.

Toilets are a very dirty thing, of course, we try to clean them all by our side but the problem is that we often clean up with toxic and chemical resorts. When it comes down to.

These toilets are not only really expensive but also not healthy, it is not safe to get many of these products by hand. Nor is it safe to contain the smoke, it has devastating environmental effects that come with chemical cleaners.

A better alternative to this toilet is to use a natural alternative. Natural cleaners can be very effective. It protects the environment and they can also be environmentally friendly.

So, let’s get to it and help you find the best natural toilet bowl cleaner that your money can buy.

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews

Here we can see a selection of 10 natural toilet bowl cleaners each of these options is natural and safe to suit our environment. They are a very good option for cleaning the toilet bowl. And these bowls do not serve their budget like water.

1 – Eco-Me Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Eco-Me Powerful Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


This is a 100% natural and eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner.

Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner in Eco-me cleans the toilet using natural plant essential oil It works to break the bacteria as well as damages the toilet.

Just in case you were wondering, Eco-Me Natural Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner is made in the US.

This product protects both septic and gray water. This means that it does not harm trees and animals and the surrounding environment. It does not contain ammonia bleach or any other harsh chemicals found in regular toilet bowl cleaners.

2 – Naturally It’s Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Naturally It’s Clean Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


This cleaner has not been tested on any animals. It is cruelty-free. It is onshore septic and gray water is safe.

It is biodegradable and much more. It contains no VOCs any protuberant and any other harsh chemicals. It is completely friendly and natural, keeps the environment friendly.

It can be used everywhere very well, including tank rim seat and bowl, it can be used to clean from top to bottom from inside to outside. All you need to do is install this clean toilet bowl in your homes and save your budget.

Spray on a generous amount of this clean toilet bowl cleaner, let it sit for a minute, and then scrub it a little and wipe it.

Making it a cleaner toilet bowl.

3 – Boulder Clean Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Boulder Clean Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


If you need a natural toilet bowl cleaner that is actually very good smelling and wiped out quickly then Boulder Clean NaturalToilet Bowl Cleaner is the way to go. This cleaner smells of eucalyptus and henna, which both work very well to kill the smell. And keep your bathroom fragrant.

In terms of cleaning, it works well, but its main benefit and feature are that of deodorization.

Boulder Clean Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Hard water buildup cleans stains very well and also removes odors.

This bowl can be used for everything in the rim and bitch. This cleaner does not give any harsh smoke. It does not contain any harsh or natural chemicals and has not been tested on animals either.

4 – Natural HomeLogic Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Natural HomeLogic Eco-Friendly Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Natural Homologous Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaners are made from plants and minerals. Moreover, Natural HomeLogic Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner is made in the US, and it is septic and sewer safe, it is biodegradable, and it has not been tested on animals either.

It understands a cleaning solution very well and takes the best of the mineral enzymes to make a cat.

It does not contain any bleach ammonia chlorine dye sulfate formaldehyde or folate. It is completely 100% natural.

5 – Method Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Method Antibacterial Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


This cleaner is not only good looking and fancy, but its work is equally good, it comes in a fancy looking bottle.

If you need something that can eliminate the grease and smell of grease, then the method is that An antibacterial toilet bowl cleaner is a very good option to keep in mind.

It is indeed 100% natural, biodegradable, and septic safe. Even the bottles are made out of 100% recycled plastic, so you know that you are being environment-friendly.

You know that good is very hot, which when consumed by someone, it is consumed instantly. This is also the same one that eliminates the smell immediately

6 – ChemFree Toilet Cleaner

ChemFree Natural Toilet Cleaner


You get the Chemfree toilet cleaner cartridge that you hang in the toilet bowl just below the rim where the water comes out.

When flushing the toilet, it releases all the natural cleaning liquid in the toilet and around the bowl. It works to kill the smell and to break the dirty water so that bacteria can be killed, it is made in this way.

It is very safe for the remaining pets, saver and seventh system, all these are natural chemical free like gases. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

ChemFree Toilet Cleaner is also ideal for preventing fungus and mildew buildup, plus it is great for deodorizing.

7 – Honest Toilet Cleaner – Septic-Safe, Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Honest Toilet Cleaner – Septic-Safe, Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


When you think of the toilet to get rid of grease odor and waste, honest toilet cleaner is a septic-safe natural toilet bowl cleaner and a great option.

It’s all-natural, doesn’t contain poisonous manmade chemicals, it is sewer safe, and 100% eco-friendly.

This cleaner is made with tea tree oil citric acid and other plant-based compounds. Which works together to eliminate stains, eliminate odor, to the breakwater, to kill bacteria, and to get rid of the odor.

8 – Frosch Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Frosch Lemon Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Do you like the smell of real and natural lemon, if you like then this cleaner is for you, Frosch Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner is probably a good option for you?

The specialty of this cleaner is that it does not require any lemon, it is made only with the smell of lemon. Which is best in killing urine and dirty smell, as well as it smells your bathroom fresh for the coming days.

This cleaner is 100% vegan. No animals are used in it and it does not contain any harsh chemicals that have a bad effect on your health. It is biodegradable, it has not hurt any animals and it is all-natural 100%.

9 – Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


It is one of the all-natural toilet bowl cleaners, which is made with plant-based components. It uses plant oils and enzymes to keep your toilet clean and away from dirty odors.

The material is biodegradable sewer and septic safe and is environmentally friendly This cleaner does not contain any harsh or unnatural gases or chemicals.

This seventh generation toilet bowl cleaner is completely free to run down the drain. The enzyme of plants is beneficial for removing stains and odor.

10 – Mrs. Meyer’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Mrs. Meyer’s Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


This is the final option on our list of natural toilet bowl cleaners, but it certainly works just as well as any of the others we have talked about.

This is our ultimate cleaner made from 98% naturally weathered ingredients. The toilet bowl cleaner by Mrs. Meyer’s contains some chemicals.

Which are useful in killing hard dirt and are not very hard. This cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Buyer’s Guide

You will first get complete information about this before purchasing the Natural Cleaner Bowl. there are some things to think about.

You not only need to be careful while choosing a toilet bowl but also need to pay attention to its cleanliness.

What Is A Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

You will be familiar with the normal toilet bowl cleaner, many times they come in a bottle where the head looks like a duck. It is the one that makes it easier to squeeze the thick or green liquid under the rim of the toilet.

However, this cleaner comes with all the problems that can solve your problem.

Usually, that cleaner chats with toxic chemicals, it is so toxic that you cannot apply it on any of your skin. This ammonia bleach is packed with a long list of chlorine and other chemicals that can contaminate your environment. And your health can also get worse.

The natural toilet bowl cleaner will still clean the toilet, although it is still in use despite being too hot. natural toilet bowl cleaner is made from 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients.

In layman’s terms, it is an all-natural and eco-friendly alternative to dangerous chemical solutions for cleaning your toilet bowl.

How Does It Work?

If you want to buy a toilet cleaner bowl and you do not know how it works, then you can easily understand everything by reading this article.

Today we are going to tell you about Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaners, how it works, Hunt and speaking, most plants use enzymes. These enzymes come from natural plant matter and these bacteremias smell dirt and eat or kill anything.It can be easily found for your toilet

Types of Toilet Bowl Cleaners

There are a few different types of toilet bowl cleaners, with the main distinction being between chemical toilet bowl cleaners and natural toilet bowl cleaners.

Some toilet bowl cleaners use simple acids to kill odors and germs, things as lemon and vinegar.

Others use essential oils with cleaning, grease-cutting, and anti-bacterial properties. Some use hydrogen peroxide, which is a germ killer.

When it comes to chemical toilet bowl cleaners, they use ammonia with bleach that helps clean it properly. And others who use chlorine, these elements work according to their own way to break up bacterial waste and kill dirty odors. But they are also very toxic to our environment and animals which can cause a lot of damage to us.

Benefits of a Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

benefits of natural toilet bowl cleaner

Natural toilet bowl cleaners come with many different benefits and one of them is that it is super effective in what it is designed to do.

Because it is made with natural ingredients, it does not mean that you cannot clean the toilet well.

Therefore, natural toilet bowl cleaners mainly have many benefits, one of which is a toilet cleaner bowl: Of course the obvious advantage of going all-natural is that you are not damaging the environment. Although chemical cleaners can harm the environment, there is no such danger from natural cleaner toilets. They are filled with chemicals that can cause huge anatomical and hormonal changes in animals.

Just imagine going for a swim in a pool of ammonia and bleach. Yes, that is how frogs and fish feel.

Problems Of Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Ok, these can be comparatively expensive for one, there are some natural alternatives which can be quite expensive.

However, out of every 10 expensive natural cleaners, you can take one which is still effective. There is no issue with its price. Another problem is that its smell is not very good, but yes chemical toilet bowl cleaner can be scented with a lot of smell.

Which many of them like, in many ways, many natural toilet bowl cleaners do not always smell pleasant. And if you install it, the smell does not last long. To be quite honest, a natural toilet bowl cleaner really does not come with many problems, if any at all.

Some select natural toilet bowl cleaners may not work so well. These are best and regularly used on specially constructed dirt.


In fact, we will give you our remedies for toilet maintenance and cleanliness here.

However, you should clean your toilet regularly so that you will face only a small amount of dirt and you will find it easier to clean a big mess.

Use a natural toilet bowl cleaner and your brush to clean your natural toilet bowl, not using rubber gloves. It will fulfill all your needs.


You need to remember that natural toilet bowl cleaners are affected like chemical-filled cleaners. It may contain some chemicals that work better than natural ingredients.

Although chemistry fault cleaners are very expensive. This chemical has a very bad effect on the environment around us. A natural toilet bowl cleaner is a safe, easy, functional, and cost-effective way to keep your toilet bowl looking brand new. If you liked this article, make sure to read our guide on Siphonic Jet vs. Gravity-Fed Toilets.

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