5 Best No-Clog Toilets for Big Stools

Clogged toilets can be a big issue in any household. And if people are in a morning rush, the problem increases tenfold. If you are someone who faces the issue of clogged toilets due to big stools, it is time to switch to no-clog toilets.

No one would like to spend hours unclogging a toilet. Fortunately, the big toilet brands have given much consideration to this issue and have designed useful solutions. Brands like TOTO and Kohler have specifically designed no-clog toilets for big stools to do away with the problem of clogged toilets.

In this article, we have compiled for you a list of the 5 best no-clog toilets. These models are mostly comfort height thus giving room for powerful flushing technology which is the basic requirement if you want a toilet for big stools.

Best No-Clog Toilets for Big Stools: REVIEW

Not all toilets have a powerful enough flushing system if you have huge turds. Tall and comfort height toilets have the extra height required to employ a powerful flush.

From TOTO to American Standard, we have listed out the best products for you. These names have strengthened a firm position in the toilet industry. Read our list of the best no-clog toilets with a powerful flushing system.

1. TOTO CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Ada 1.6 GPF Toilet

TOTO CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Ada 1.6 GPF Toilet


When we talk about no-clog toilets for big stools, this model by TOTO takes the first spot. The single flush elongated two-piece comfort height toilet by TOTO has a high-profile design with a fully glazed trap way. In addition, it has a sleek and smooth look that matches well with modern furnishing.

The flagship of TOTO Drake is its GMAX flushing system that is one of the best in flushing technology. TOTO’s GMAX flushing system encompasses a 3” wide flush valve, extra-large siphon jet, and a 2-1/8 inch fully glazed trap way for better cleaning. Drake is a single flush toilet and uses as little as 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Its extra-large siphon jet forces water into the bowl at a rapid speed to create a powerful flush that can easily flush out your massive turds.

These no-clog toilets for big stools are ADA-compliant and possess a height of 16.5 inches. This height is from the base of the toilet to the top of the toilet bowl, without a seat. This ADA toilet proves to be a good match for people with disabilities or knee problems. Senior citizens will also find TOTO Drake easier and sit on and get up from.

You can install it in both residential and commercial areas as the model is durable enough. One drawback that TOTO CST744SL Drake has is since it uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, it is not WaterSense certified. So, it cannot be sold in places like California.

TOTO CST744SL Drake comes without a toilet seat, so you will have to buy it separately.


  • G-Max flushing system can clear out massive turds
  • Good choice for seniors
  • 1.6 GPF effective for people with big stools
  • Fewest clog reports
  • Worth the money


  • Doesn’t come with a seat
TOTO CST744SL Drake Elongated Bowl, Bone
  • Contemporary, high profile design
  • Fast Flush: Wide 3-Inch flush valve is 125-Percent larger than conventional 2-Inch flush valves
  • Wider, 2-1/8-Inch computer designed, fully glazed trap way
  • Height: 30-1/2", Width: 19-1/2", Depth: 28"

2. Kohler K-3493- Highline Classic Comfort-Height Toilet

Kohler K-3493- Highline Classic Comfort-Height Toilet


Say goodbye to clogged toilets with Kohler K-3493- Highline Classic Comfort-Height Toilet. This is a newly designed model from the Pressure Lite (TM) toilets range that are popular for their exceptional bulk flushing performance. Kohler categorizes it as a no-clog toilet for big stools for multiple reasons.

The Highline (TM) Pressure Lite comes with a left-hand trip lever and has a 1.4-gallon flush. While it is less than 1.6 gpf of Toto Drake, it is still more than the standard 1.28 GPF toilets. That does not mean that you end up wasting water. In fact, Kohler claims that Highliner can save up to 20,000 gallons of water per year.

The extra height enables it to use gravity and create a strong siphon that can flush out any amount of big stools. Kohler Highline is also comfortable to sit on and get up from. The no-clog toilet meets ADA requirements and thus is a perfect fit for seniors and handicapped people.


  • Extra height for powerful flushing
  • Easy to install
  • Choice between round bowl and elongated bowl
  • 5-year warranty on mechanical components


  • No seat included
  • Flush not quiet enough
Kohler K-3493-RA-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated 1.4 gpf Toilet with Right-Hand Trip Lever, Less Seat, White
  • 30-1/8"L x 21-1/4"W x 31-1/4"H
  • Pressure Assist flushing system
  • Two-piece
  • Elongated bowl
  • 12" rough in

3. American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion 4 One-Piece Toilet

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion 4 One-Piece Toilet


The American Standard Champion 4 is a single flush elongated one-piece comfort height toilet. If you decide to buy the product, you will get not only one of the best no-clog tall toilets but also the trust of a well-reputed brand.

This toilet has a height of 16.5 inches without a toilet seat. And when the seat is attached, the height goes to around 17.5 inches. Meanwhile, these comfort height toilets come with a soft closed toilet seat. The soft close toilet seat is designed in such a way that it can lower itself and close the bowl slowly with just a small push. With that said, it is a great add-on to a toilet as it benefits the user who is elder or has limited mobility. As a result, the user won’t have to bend to close the toilet seat.

As far as flushing is concerned, the American Standard Champion 4 has a 4-inch piston accelerator flush valve. At the time you flush the toilet, the water accelerates and leaves the tank to the bowl through the big 4-inch flush valve. As a result, it creates a powerful flushing action which is a big relief for people who have to deal with clogged toilets.

Like the rest of the American Standard’s products, the Champion 4 also includes its revolutionary Ever Clean surface, that’s easy to clean and stays clean for long. While most toilets use 1.28 gallons, the Champion 4 has a consumption rate of 1.6 GPF, which means a more powerful flush for big stools.


  • Can flush out any amount of massive turds
  • 10-year warranty
  • 1.6 GPF for a powerful flush and maximum cleaning
  • Durable
  • Perfect for tall people and people with knee condition


  • No seat included
  • More expensive than Toto Drake and Kohler Highline
American Standard 2034314.020 Champion 4 One-Piece Toilet with Seat Elongated Chair Height, White
  • Includes color-matched Champion slow-close toilet seat
  • Elongated Chair Height siphon action jetted bowl
  • EverClean - Permanently maintains cleanliness of the surface
  • Low-consumption (6.0 Lpf/1.6 gpf)
  • 4" (102 mm) non-adjustable, piston action Accelerator flush valve

4. Toto MS604114CEFG UltraMax II One-Piece Toilet

Toto MS604114CEFG UltraMax II One-Piece Toilet


TOTO Ultramax II toilet is an ADA-compliant toilet and comes with an elongated bowl design with a lever-operated flush. The lever of the single action flush is of a trip kind and is chrome plated.

What vouches for this no-clog toilet is Toto’s Double Cyclone flushing system which makes clearance of waste easy and in just one flush. This system works by pulling the flush water into the toilet and causing it to exit with an even greater force letting the waste out in one flush. So, no matter how massive your stools are, this model will ensure you don’t have to deal with clogged toilets.

Toto MS604114CEFG UltraMax II qualifies for water sense certification since it uses less water i.e., 1.28 gallons per flush. It comes with SanaGloss coating that helps Ultramax II avoid staining and keeping the microbes away.

The Ultramax II toilet comes with a complete soft close seat unlike many other toilets available in the market. The height of the seat is perfect and this doesn’t put an extra cost on you. The materials used to make this toilet are also durable so it proves to be a good investment.

This no-clog toilet doesn’t require frequent manual cleaning because of the Double Cyclone flushing system and SanaGloss finish. This combination effectively keeps cleaning in check and that too in just one flush. This keeps the toilet clean for long periods. Unlike a two-piece toilet, Ultramax II being a single-piece toilet is a bit difficult to install. Although being heavy its installation is quick, easy, and straightforward.


  • It comes with a soft close seat and lid
  • Single piece design
  • ADA compliant
  • Water sense certified
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • The contours on the bowl can cause an illusion near the water line that might look like a slight stain if the lighting is not proper.
  • The footprint of the toilet is slightly more than that of some older toilets in the same design category.
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet, 1.28 GPF with SanaGloss, Cotton White
  • TOTO
  • MS604114CEFG#01
  • Elongated One Piece Toilets
  • Cotton White

5. Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth Elongated Toilet

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth Elongated Toilet


This brand boasts of powerful flushing system which is why its models prove to be the best no-clog toilets for big stools.

Niagara Stealth Toilet bowl and tank combo is actually a water conservation toilet, it uses only melting in a fall flower flush. Niagara claims that their excessive best flushing is good, just like double flushes are needed. If toilet noise is something that you keep in mind while purchasing a toilet, then there might not be any better option to choose from for you.

The Niagara Stealth was designed with one straight purpose in mind; to deliver a powerful flush as silent as possible. From the looks of this toilet, it seems like an everyday average toilet. It has a standard design, with two pieces and no interesting styling cues adding to its flair. However, that’s where the subtle changes come into play, it’s what is inside the toilet that truly sets it apart from the rest of the competition

First and foremost, the tank is noise canceling. It helps in preventing any sound from escaping into the bathroom. So, instead of emptying all the way every time it is flushed, the tank remains mostly full, using only a small portion of the water inside for a flush. This allows the valve to remain submerged, which prevents any sound there is from transferring out of the tank.

This toilet is a test made to make a high hardness flush, and other efficient toilets are also certified by ADA which means that the Niagara Stealth can be installed for use in public toilets, used by employees or the general public.


  • Ultra-High-Efficiency Flush
  • Uses just 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF)
  • Water Sense certified.


The only drawback with the Niagara Stealth is that it does not come with the bolts to attach the toilet to the floor.

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Tank Combo, White
  • ADA Compliant: 0
  • Bowl Shape: Elongated
  • Flush Type: Gravity
  • Gallons Per Flush: 0.8
  • Hygienic Surface Treatment: 0


Are No-clog toilets expensive?

You will find that while few models such as TOTO Drake and Kohler Highline may fit within your budget easily, no-clog toilets by American Standard may be a bit pricey.

How do I make sure my toilet is not clogging?

First, if you have big stools make sure to invest in a no-clog toilet. If you are living in an area, where water usage is no issue, get a toilet with a higher water consumption rate than the standard 1.28 GPF. Also, avoid using your toilet as garbage disposal and invest in quality toilet paper.

Do old toilets clog easily?

Yes, they do. This is why we advise you to invest in newly designed comfort toilets. While standard toilets have been around since the 19th century, comfort toilets have come into the picture after new regulations about water conservation and ADA compliance had been made.

These toilets have a powerful flushing system and do not clog easily. You can pick any model from our list of the best no-clog toilets for big stools and rest assured, you won’t have to deal with clogged toilets anymore.

Why does my toilet clog every time I poop?

Well, there can be multiple reasons for it. The first is you have massive turds for which we advise you to invest in a no-clog toilet for big stools. The other reason may be that your toilet is low-height and thus can not create a powerful flush.

It may also be because the water is too hard or chlorinated. Old toilets also pose a problem of clogging.

Final Words

Now you know the best no-clog toilets for big stools. We have made sure to mention every product that will deliver a powerful flush to clean massive turds.

While a powerful flushing system proves to be quite beneficial for big stools, it has certain drawbacks too. If you read the list thoroughly, you know that these models do not come cheap. Also, the flush may create noise since water is falling from a height.

However, if you have big turds the countless benefits make these drawbacks fade to the background. You can say goodbye to clogged toilets using minimum water.

So go ahead and choose the best no-clog toilet that can easily flush out your big stools.

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