Top 10 Best Wooden Toilet Seats To Suit your Bathroom

Plastic toilet seat vs. wooden toilet seat: Choosing a winner between these two is difficult. However, there can only be one. While wooden toilet seats are no longer as popular as they once were, they are still a common and practical alternative that can be found at your local hardware shop.

Although plastic toilet seats are perhaps more common in most modern bathrooms, toilet seats made of wood can undoubtedly provide a lot of flairs. A weighty, solid wooden toilet seat has a certain elegance to it.

A wooden toilet seat enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom. It is also resistant to temperature changes and extremely comfortable to sit on. The most significant advantage of hardwood seats is that they are durable and hence have little to no risk of cracking.

So, if you’re looking for the best wooden toilet seats to add aesthetics to your bathroom, look no further because you are at the right place. In this article, I will provide you with the top 10 picks for the best wooden toilet seats available for your bathroom along with their review.

But before getting into the list, let us first take an overview of the Wooden Toilet Seat.

Wooden Toilet Seat: Overview

As I have mentioned earlier, a wooden toilet seat adds aesthetic value to your bathroom. It is also resistant to temperature changes and extremely comfortable to sit on. Moreover, the most significant advantage of hardwood seats is that they are durable and so represent little to no chance of cracking.

While on the other hand, making toilet seats out of wood is both impractical and adverse to the environment. A tremendous amount of raw material is required to mass-produce toilet seats on a wide scale. And wood isn’t exactly a plentiful resource. On a further note, wood is extremely difficult to shape.

Every product has its pros and cons, and so do these wooden toilet seats. Durability is a factor where a wooden toilet seat wins over a plastic toilet seat, whereas plastic is at least recyclable and takes less time and money to be manufactured.

It all depends on an individual preference, it is up to you to decide which toilet seat you want to install in your restroom.

Best Wooden Toilet Seats: Top 10 with reviews

1. Mayfair Oak Wooden Toilet Seat


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It is made up of wood and veneer and is available in elongated and round sizes. There are two color options for these wooden toilet seats: walnut and natural oak.

Moreover, the seat has a powder-coated matte-style finish that is not flashy and appears to be of high quality. The chrome-plated hinges look great against the wood.

Attractive features

  • Available in Walnut or Natural Oak finishes.
  • Inexpensive
  • Options for elongated and round toilet seats
  • Chrome hinges
  • Made of veneer wood.

2. MAYFAIR Solid Bamboo Wood Toilet Seat


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The next one on my list of the best wooden toilet seats is the Solid Bamboo Wood Toilet Seat by Mayfair. The toilet seat is made up of solid bamboo and is an environment-friendly option. It is a lightweight wooden toilet seat, yet despite being constructed of bamboo, it has a sophisticated wood aspect to it and does not appear cheap. The brushed nickel hinges add a classy touch to the overall aesthetic of these toilet seats made of wood. If you wanna go with this toilet seat, let me tell you it comes in elongated and normal sizes, which is a good thing for you.

Attractive features

  • Nickel brushed hinges
  • Made of solid bamboo material
  • Elongated and round bamboo toilet seat options
  • Lightweight and environmental-friendly

3. Comfort Seats Round Wooden Toilet Seats


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It is one of the best wooden toilet seats made of premium grade wood which is sturdy, glossy, and looks high quality. Although it costs a little more than the other toilet seats, not to forget that it is a solid wood toilet seat. The hinges are composed of stainless steel, which will keep them from rusting. It also has a multi-coat glossy finish on the mahogany surface. Overall, not a cheap option, but one of the premium-looking toilet seats made of wood.

Attractive features

  • Made with premium-grade wood
  • A multi-coat surface finish provides a shiny, durable mahogany finish
  • Factory-installed stainless steel hinges prevent rust and ensure perfect alignment between cover and seat

4. Comfort Seats Designer Solid Wood Toilet Seat


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Like the above-mentioned wooden toilet seat, it is also made of premium wood. With that said it is a lighter oak tint rather than a dark Mahogany. However, these toilet seats made of wood appear to be just as gleaming and fashionable. Moreover, the multicoat surface not only gives it a gleaming aspect but also protects it from stains and scratches.

Attractive features

  • Made with premium-grade wood
  • A multi-coat surface finish provides a shiny, durable finish
  • Factory-installed brushed nickel hinges ensure perfect alignment between cover and seat

5. TOPSEAT Native Impression Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat


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Another outstanding product in the category of the best toilet seats made of wood is the TOPSEAT Native Impression. TOPSEAT is the manufacturer of this hardwood toilet seat. TOPSEAT has a solid reputation for producing high-quality toilet seats that are both functional and attractive. A bamboo toilet seat, once again, is a very eco-friendly option with a wood-like appearance. However, it does not have a gleaming, brilliant surface, but it does appear to be of great quality. The brushed nickel hinges add to the quality of this seat’s appearance.

Attractive features

  • Three-year warranty
  • Made of natural bamboo
  • Hand-sanded smooth finish
  • Made of environmentally green materials
  • Corrosion-resistant brushed nickel hinges

6. Sanilo Round Wooden Toilet Seat


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Sanilo, like Topseat, offers a wide range of stylish wooden toilet seats that can add aesthetics to any bathroom. Some of their designs look to be made of actual wood. These toilet seats are made of molded wood, but according to what I’ve read, they may have a wood interior but a plastic-like cover. According to the majority of good reviews, these toilet seats made of wood are robust, easy to clean, and look wonderful. If you like the look, one of these wood-design toilet seats might be worth a look.

Attractive features

  • Strong hinges
  • Easy to install
  • Molded wood material
  • Slow-close toilet seat
  • Easy to clean premium surface

7. Bath Décor Dark Brown Stained Finish Wooden Toilet Seat


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Bath Decor’s wooden toilet seat is made of laminated natural wood. Two coats of industrial quality furniture lacquer are applied to the wood to provide enough protection. Meanwhile, the hinge design distinguishes the seat from some of the previous wooden toilet seats. With that said, the hinges are made of plastic and have brushed nickel clips that are fairly sturdy when compared to hinge bars.

Attractive features

  • Available in Round and Elongated toilet seats
  • Colors: Dark Brown, Light Oak, Rattan Bamboo
  • Solid wood construction with laminated Natural wood
  • Brushed nickel finish hinge
  • Top mount adjustable release ‘N’ clean hinge with metal finish on the cap

8. Comfort Seats Deluxe Molded Wood Toilet Seat


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If you are a ‘Black Lover’ like me this wooden toilet seat is for you. Apart from being one of the best wooden toilet seats it is made up of molded wood (wood flour mixed with a thermosetting resin) and is excellent for black toilets. Moreover, it is really simple to set up and owns an excellent rating on Amazon. The hinges are plastic, but they are also black, so the toilet seat is completely black. If you’re looking for a black toilet seat for your bathroom, this is a great choice. It is, however, only available for elongated toilets.

Attractive features

  • Factory-installed hinges
  • Color-matched bumpers
  • Very easy to install, corrosion-proof
  • Molded wood composition ensures strength and durability
  • Toilet Seats made of wood and is suitable for Elongated toilets
  • A multi-coat surface finish provides added protection and durability

9. Comfort Seats Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat


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These toilet seats are made of solid wood and come in the Walnut color. It is solid and sturdy and certainly has a fashionable aspect. This toilet seat isn’t inexpensive, but it does offer a soft-close feature, which means no more slamming noises or finger pinching. The hinges are chrome plated, which contrasts wonderfully with the Walnut finish. Although it claims to have a piano surface, it actually has a matte appearance.

Attractive features

  • Suitable for Round toilet bowls\Color-coordinated bumpers
  • Factory-installed EZ close chrome hinges
  • Easy to install (only needing a screwdriver)
  • Natural walnut solid wood toilet seat, with a designer piano finish

10. MAYFAIR Durable Enameled Wood Toilet Seat


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If you’re looking for cheap toilet seats made of wood, then the MAYFAIR Durable Enameled Wood Toilet Seat is for you. It is a low-cost wooden toilet seat made of molded wood and finished in a glossy paint finish. Its STA-TITE fastening technology makes it not only simple to install but also quick to remove, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. These wood toilet seats in extended and regular sizes are available in a variety of colors, however, not all colors are available in both sizes.

Attractive features

  • Available in various colors
  • Suitable for Elongated and round toilet bowls
  • Easy to install: All that is needed is a wrench
  • Easy to remove: For cleaning or replacement
  • STA-TITE Fastening System: So the seat will never come loose
  • Made in the USA: With Earth-friendly materials and processes
  • A durable enameled wood toilet seat provides a superior high-gloss finish

Best Toilet Seats Made Of Wood: Buyer’s Guide

It might be difficult to find the right wooden toilet seat for your bathroom. There are numerous colours, shapes, and sizes to pick from, so it is critical to determine what you require before parting the way with your money. Here are a few things to think about when shopping for the best toilet seats made of wood.


“Well, it’s made of wood, and that’s all I need to know,” you say. No, often not. Wooden toilet seats are composed of wood, but not all are created equal. Solid wood, veneer, molded wood, and even bamboo can be used to make wooden toilet seats. The style, weight, and price of the toilet seat can all be affected by the many types of wood materials.


When it comes to wood toilet seats, there appears to be a significant price difference based on the type of wood used. A solid wood toilet seat will be the most expensive, whereas molded wood (such as wood flour) will most likely be the least expensive.

Sizes and shapes

It may seem obvious, but it is nonetheless significant. There are two primary types of toilet seats to choose from: elongated and standard/round. It is quite easy to tell which one your toilet is, but it is important measuring your toilet bowl to ensure you purchase the correct size seat for your toilet. In certain circumstances, you may have special shapes, such as square toilet seats, but I have yet to find a wooden toilet seat that is acceptable for square toilets.


Most folks simply want a toilet seat that matches their bathroom decor and fits their toilet bowl. A toilet seat, on the other hand, can include additional characteristics such as heating and slow closing. Fortunately, a wooden toilet seat does not get as cold as plastic and may not require heating; but, if you want a slow-close toilet seat, one is included in the list above (Comfort Seats Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat).

Final words

A wooden toilet seat may bring a touch of sophistication and flair to your bathroom. It has a more natural feel than a plastic toilet seat. Wooden toilet seats are available in a variety of colors and shapes, including elongated and round configurations. The majority of wood toilet seats have a natural wood furniture look, with a finish that enhances rather than entirely changes the color of the wood.

In this article, I have provided you with the top 10 best wooden toilet seats for round and elongated toilets. In the list above, there is a range of toilet seats made of wood to suit all budgets.

We hope the list above helped you choose one of the best wood toilet seats. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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