We all love camping, don’t we? But camping is no less than a herculean task. With so many hardships to face, it is no easy task. What causes much hassle is the lavatory needs. That’s where portable toilets come into play.

This article deals with the same. We have curated a guide to best portable toilets and reviewed them. We have taken comfort, weight, flush mechanism and other aspects in consideration for the same.

List of best portable toilets

Here goes the list:


Made with high-quality ABS material, Domestic is a full adult-sized portable toilet. It comes with an elongated seat and a capacity of 2.6 gallons. 

It is a great option with a clean water flush mechanism. One flush will clean it all using about 1 pint of water. A hand pump is provided to add water whilst a handle does its work by emptying the water into the storage tank.

You won’t have to worry about the scratches because the material used avoids it. What is really great is the prismatic level indicator which tells how full the holding tank is. The emptying of the tank has been made hassle-free by providing an extra-long spout and air vent.


If you are looking for a portable toilet with a large capacity then you can go for this Visa model. It has a 24-litre capacity which is equal to 6.3 gallons of holding tank. 

Additionally, a 14-litre of the water reservoir is provided. This can be used for flushing purposes. The flush system is operated by a push lever and is bidirectional. This allows for better cleaning. To make it one of the best portable toilets, Visa comes with a leak and odour proof seal which will prevent spilling and unpleasant odour.

Moreover, both the tanks come with a level indicator which will make it easier for you to know the water supply and waste emptying needs. An air vent and detachable spout provided will make emptying the toilet easy.  


Believe us when we say it is the best portable toilet on the list. If you are a true backpacker then you should definitely check this portable toilet system for CleanWaste.

CleanWaste is a whole package. It comes with a portable toilet plus a privacy shelter. But wait, this whole thing won’t take much of your space. Just a corner in your backpack. Also, it weighs only 18lbs so you don’t need to worry about the extra baggage.

What separates this particular one from the other portable toilets in the list is that it comes with a biodegradable sack. It is here that a special powder converts all the liquid waste into solid. The sack can then be sealed and disposed of later.


Unlike many other portable toilets that are square in design, this portable toilet from Thetford is designed more like a home toilet. With a waste capacity of 5.5 gallons and a freshwater reservoir of 4 gallons, Thetford has a large capacity.

Moreover, the toilet seat is a little higher than many portable toilets for comfort. The flush mechanism is battery operated and is connected to a button. The battery is sufficient for up to 55 flushes.

Additionally, a toilet roll holder is provided for convenience. You don’t need to worry about the cleaning as Thetford comes with a large spout for unburdening the toilet. It can further be sealed with a cap.


With a 5-gallon waste capacity tank and a 3-gallon freshwater tank, this is a complete portable toilet with an attached waste unit. The waste unit is attached with corrosion-resistant clips so damage is kept in check.

Moreover, the toilet features a full-size seat that can take the weight up to 440lbs. The toilet offers a push-button flushing mechanism which clears waste in one go. Since it has enough capacity you don’t need to vacate the waste tank frequently.

The draining of waste is very easy. What is really impressive is that the drain valve is double sealed to prevent any kind of leakage and nasty odour. With strong handles to make carrying easy, this portable toilet has to make it to our list of best portable toilets.


Moderately priced, Camco is a sturdy polyethylene construction. If you are looking for a compact and lightweight portable toilet then you should go for this one. It only weighs 11lbs when empty.

With a waste capacity of 5.3- gallons and a freshwater capacity of 2.5 gallons, Camco is a great portable toilet. It can support up to 300lbs. The flush mechanism is a hand-pumped bellow type.

Moreover, the disposal of waste is very convenient as Camco features a detachable waste tank. A sliding valve allows the waste out and gets sealed automatically after the task is done to avoid leakage and odours.


With a compact and sturdy design, Stansport makes it to our list of best portable toilets. This is truly a portable toilet with a weight of not more than 9lbs. Even though it is small and light you won’t find it unstable.

The toilet’s waste disposal mechanism is the feature that is very unique. For waste disposal, it uses a sanitary bag method. This saves water and is more convenient.

With moderate pricing, you can go for this option. What will add to your expense is the disposable sanitary bag as Stansport comes with only one disposable bag. 


Extremely lightweight and compact this portable toilet from Reliance weighs only about 5lbs. Although the weight is no deterrent of its stability. It is stable and can take the weight of about 300lbs. 

Hassock again comes with a waterless flush mechanism. It uses the bag disposal method for disposing of waste. You will get all the comfort of a home toilet as Hassock comes with a contoured seat. Additionally, an inner splash cover and toilet roll holder is also provided. 

Although it is reasonably priced, you have to spend money on buying the disposal bags. Also, you need to empty the toilet soon after use as the lid provided is not very secure and there are chances it will create a mess while transportation.


CleanWaste is a plastic construction with a design unlike all others in the list. This is a foldable portable toilet. It folds into the size of a briefcase and when you need to use it, just unfold. There is no need for assembly.

With a full-size seat, it offers great comfort. It uses a waterless flush mechanism. It comes with a disposable bag method of flushing out the waste. 

Moreover, three legs are provided which give this portable toilet stability it requires. You can also remove the lid and use it as an alternative for a leg for added stability. Unlike the CleanWaste Go Anywhere portable toilet, this one doesn’t come with special powder to convert liquid waste into solid.


Moderately priced this portable toilet from Century features a full-size toilet seat making it a comfortable one. This is a self-contained toilet with the waste tank being fitted with corrosion-resistant fasteners.

With a waste capacity of 5 gallons and a freshwater tank of 3.2 gallons, this is the last option in our best portable toilet list. It comes with sturdy carrying handles that help in its easy transport.

The cleaning of waste is very easy as the waste tank features a wide spout. The emptying process is also very convenient, just unfasten the waste tank from the toilet and vacate the tank. The waste tank comes with a double sealed valve to prevent leakage and unpleasant odour.


With this curated guide to best portable toilet, we hope we have cleared all your confusion. The list is curated to satisfy almost every individual’s needs. Just choose one and off you go to make your camping adventures hassle-free.

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