We can’t stress enough on how important a clean toilet is. A clean toilet enhances the decor of your bathroom. There are different tools that come in handy in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. The most vital being a toilet brush.

There are so many brands available nowadays of the same. We have reviewed some of them and created this guide to best toilet brushes. The toilet brushes in the list will give an effective and comfortable cleaning experience.

Best toilet brush reviewed

Here goes the list:


A perfect add-on to your bathroom, Simplehuman toilet brush is innovatively designed to keep your toilet clean. With its crescent-shaped design, it reaches even the hardest reaching areas. This makes sure that the toilet is cleaned perfectly.

Simplehuman features hard outer bristles which makes cleaning easy. The robust but comfortable grip aids these bristles and cleans off the stain from all areas.

The stainless steel handle comes with a magnetic grip collar which is one striking feature. This feature lets you use this glove vigorously without worrying about breakage.

Additionally, a dome-shaped cover is provided which can be used to cover the brush after use. Simplehuman won’t degrade the looks of your bathroom because of its smart design.


Priced at a lower range than the earlier option, this toilet brush set comes with a plunger and a bowl. It will give you a perfectly clean toilet after you use it.

It sports a large round brush with tough bristles that will help in cleaning the darkest stains from most hidden corners.

Moreover, this toilet brush kit comes with a scrubber handle, one storage compartment and refill caddy disks. With a strong rubber grip, the cleaning process is made more effective.

You will be happy to know that it comes in two colours, that is, white and blue. You won’t be embarrassed to keep this one in any corner of your house. If you want an efficient cleaning experience then go for this.


Moderately priced and with a sleek design, this toilet brush set comes with a brush and holder. When in use the brush will give perfect cleaning results. When not in use the holder will hide the brush perfectly.

InterDesign Duetto sports a modern design with stiff plastic bristles that will give you a perfectly clean toilet. The bristles have metal gripping. Although it aids cleaning, it is prone to rust.

Moreover, the chrome ascents make it highly durable. It comes only in white colour. The holder hides the brush and you can keep it anywhere in the corner.

Additionally, Interdesign comes with a removable brush head that can be removed manually and replaced giving it a longer life.


This toilet brush is our favourite option when talking about the best toilet brushes. Oxo comes with a durable and high-quality cleaning brush that will clean your toilet effectively.

With a tapered brush head and strong blue bristles, Oxo hideaway will eliminate even the darkest of stains on hard reaching corners with ease.

What is unique in Oxo are the ventilation slots that help in passing the air. This ensures that the brush is quickly dried after use which in turn avoids the damage.

All in all, oxo will give an effective and comfortable cleaning experience to its users. With such great pricing, this is one perfect option.


If you want a perfectly shining, clean and hygienic toilet then this brush and caddy set is the one for you. This brush and caddy set is no less than a masterpiece when it comes to cleaning your toilet.

As the name suggests, Lysol comes with an under-the-rim fibre extension that aids cleaning. The strong bristles will reach even the farthest corners and give you a shiny bathroom.

What helps Lysol bowl brush stand out is built-in antimicrobial agents. The antimicrobial agents are fitted into fibres that help in keeping bacteria and other microbes at bay.

Moreover, a comfortable and strong grip makes it easy to use and cleaning all the deep and dark stains. You will get only one colour option that is white. 


With the most impressive design, Fuller brush toilet bowl swab will give you a shiny and clean toilet. Fuller is a compact toilet brush that gives effective cleaning.

Fuller is really easy to use but gives you a perfect cleaning. The cup provided serves a dual purpose. For effective cleaning, pour the brush in the cup and the brush fibres will soak the liquid.

The cup serves as a wringer as well. It helps in squeezing out the excess water. This aids cleaning by covering a large area at once and giving you the desired shine.

Overall, fuller has a durable design and will clean even the deepest and darkest stain from the hard reaching corners. The long handle will save you a lot of effort in the cleaning process.


A toilet brush is vital in the cleaning process and maintenance of your bathroom. An effective toilet brush saves a lot of efforts. We have hence tried to review some of the toilet brushes and created this guide to best toilet brushes. We hope that this guide to best toilet brushes will help you in choosing the best toilet brush for yourself.

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