Weight Holding Capacity of Toilets: How much weight a toilet can hold

A crapper is an integral part of everyone’s morning sanitary routine. So it is a genuine curiosity to ask how much weight a toilet can hold.

Imagine you are going about your routine in the morning and the moment you step on the toilet, it collapses. It would not be a good experience, would it? And to add to that, the hassle of cleaning up and buying another toilet. Mind you these things don’t come cheap and you don’t want to end up again with a model that can’t handle your weight.

Obese people often worry about the weight holding capacity of their toilets. And while you might be a skinny person, people of various builds may visit your house.

To ease your mind we have put together some research to find out exactly how much weight toilets in general and toilets from specific brands can hold. In this article, we have mentioned which toilet will fit obese people and not collapse under their weight.

Weight holding capacity of various Toilets

There have been no standards or directives issued by the government specifying the weight holding capacity of toilets. But seeing the sturdiness of toilets, you can be assured that it won’t give away beneath your weight.

Toilets bear the weight of various people, from a toddler to an obese person. They need to be sturdy and strong enough so they do not give away under the weight of various individuals.

The credit of the durability of toilets can be owed to the material it is made of, porcelain. Porcelain is delicate but strong and can be modeled very well. Even before glazing, it remains hard and impermeable. A lot of delicate engineering goes into making toilets and their flushing system. Porcelain can be molded easily to fit various jetways, trap ways, and plumbing.

Standard Floor Toilets

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These can be either one-piece or two-piece toilets. Both come in varying sizes and heights. A standard one-piece toilet weighs about 88 pounds (40kg), whereas a two-piece toilet weighs about 55 pounds (25kg).

In general, you’ll find that the regular toilets are made to withstand 1000 pounds of weight which is more than any person will ever weigh. Records show that the average weight of people in America is 181 pounds; 196 pounds of males and 166 pounds of females.

Overweight and obese people also seldom cross the 450 pounds weight mark. So, people of all weight ranges can comfortably use a standard toilet without the fear of it collapsing.

Wall hung Toilets

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A wall-mounted toilet is a fully functional toilet mounted on a wall which also adds an edge to your bathroom decor. With wall-hung toilets, you mount the bowl on the wall and conceal the tank. They can be installed at your desired height as long as you upgrade your drainage system.

However, wall hung toilets can only hold up to 500 pounds which is half of the amount of weight standard toilets can hold. This is specified by the ASME standard (ASME A112.19.2-2005/CSA B4 5.1-05 National Consensus Standards for Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures). It is still much more than the average weight of the American people.

Weight Holding Capacity of Toilets by Various Brands

It is quite surprising that reputed brands like Toto, Kohler, and American Standard toilets do not provide the weight holding capacity of their toilets. Our research yielded bare minimum results but we managed to gather some information to help you.

KOHLER Toilet Weight Limit

Kohler has a support article on their official page that specifies that toilets of this brand can hold a vertical force of up to 1000 pounds. You can use toilets of this brand without any worries, no matter the build of person who’ll be using these crappers.

TOTO and American Standard Toilets Weight Limits

Unlike Kohler, TOTO and American Standard did not have any reference specifying how much weight their toilets can hold. But Amazon reviews of these brands have many instances to safely state that toilets of these brands can withstand at least up to 300 pounds.

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Is the Weight Holding Capacity of Toilet Seats the Same?

While all toilets can hold weight more than the average requirement, it is not so with toilet seats. The maximum weight a toilet seat can hold is 300 pounds. The result also varies in the case of seats made of other materials. Over time toilet seats have evolved from porcelain to vinyl plastic, resins, and in some cases, even wood.

If you want to know what toilets are made of, you can read about it here in detail: What Are Toilets Made Of?

Toilet seats are built to bear the average weight only. Even a lightweight person can break it if used roughly. So it is quite understandable that overweight people will find these seats uncomfortable if not built to withstand their weight.

While toilet companies fail to provide details about the weight holding capacity of their toilets, there are some heavy-duty toilet seats specifically built for heavy users. These seats don’t crack or break easily even if an obese person sits on them.

Final Verdict: How much weight a toilet can hold

A standard floor toilet can hold up to 1000 pounds while wall mount toilets can only hold 500 pounds. We say only but it is still more than the weight of an average American. Even severely obese people rarely weigh more than 450 pounds. So whether you buy a floor toilet or a wall mount toilet, be assured that can bear the weight of any person.

Toilet seats may not be the same and can break if an obese person wriggles on them. But special heavy-duty ones can withstand more than 300 pounds.

With that said, you can relax knowing that you won’t break your toilet by sitting on it. Unless you plan to exceed the 1000 pounds weight limit which, trust us, is next to impossible.

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