Siphonic Jet vs Gravity Fed Toilet – 2021

Toilet bowl function diagram

Okay, so you are looking to invest in a new toilet, but you are confused between all the different types of toilets out there” Siphonic Jet vs Gravity Fed Toilet” — how are you going to make a choice? Now, there are multiple types of flushing systems available in the market, the most popular ones … Read more

TOTO Neorest Smart Toilets: Review & Comparison 2022

toto neorest toilets review 2021

TOTO is a Japanese toilet manufacturer and one of the most well-known toilet brands in the industry. It strives to improve people’s quality of life. They’ve been around for almost a century and have pioneered several toilet advancements. And of course, their commitment to excellence is present in the TOTO Neorest as well. NEOREST is … Read more

Best Off Grid Toilets Reviewed – 2021

Best Off Grid Toilets Reviewed - 2021

Since here you are, let’s see what are off-grid toilets and what makes them so different, and then let’s get on to comparing the best off-grid toilets. What is an Off-Grid Toilet? An off-grid toilet is one thing that you can use very easily where there is no water, they are often self-sufficient. This means … Read more

TOTO Ultramax II Review – 2021

TOTO Ultramax II Review

Don’t look anywhere if you were searching for the TOTO Ultramax II review. Here we will provide you brief information on the Ultramax II toilet. The Ultramax II toilet comes with a complete soft close seat unlike many other toilets available in the market. This doesn’t put an extra cost on you. We have written … Read more

KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review For You[2021]

KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review

You have come to the right place on the internet if you are looking for the Kohler Wellworth Toilet review. Here we will give you detailed information about the Wellworth toilet. KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review In this KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review, we are going to explain the details of the toilet in the following subsections. … Read more