Standard Height Toilets vs Comfort Height Toilets: 2022 Guide

A comfort height toilet came into existence to do away with the drawbacks of standard height toilets. That does not mean that they have replaced the regular height toilets.

Standard height toilets are very much in demand even in the 21st century. In this article, we will walk you through the difference between these two models and the change in their demand in the last few decades. We will also compare Standard Height Toilets vs Comfort Height Toilets side by side.

Not all toilets are of the same height. While standard height toilets and comfort height toilets both measure less than 17 inches seatless, it is the seat height that makes the point of distinction between these two models. Standard height toilets stand up to 15-16 inches tall with seat and Comfort height toilets stand up to 17-19 tall inches with seat. This little difference between the seat height of the toilets makes all the change in their demand in the current years.

Comfort Height Toilets came into trend sometime in the 20th century and became quite popular in the last few decades owing to the new toilet clearance laws.

We have discussed the pros and cons of standard height toilets and comfort height toilets in detail below. But before that, let us explain the difference between these two models.

Standard Height Vs Comfort Height Toilets: Comparison Chart

Toilet Height14 to 15 inches16 to 18 inches
Seat Height15-16 inches17-19 inches
PriceMore than Comfort height toiletsLess than Standard height toilets
ProsHelps avoid constipationADA Compliant toilet
ConsNot convenient for people with disabilitiesMay increase likelihood of constipation
Suitable ForPeople with short height, childrenTall people, Elderly people, People with disabilities
Other NamesRegular Height toiletsUniversal Height (Toto), Right Height (American Standard), ADA Compliant Height, Chair height


It is a common misconception that comfort height toilets are more convenient to sit on. It is largely owing to the fact that reputed brands have begun calling them names like Universal Height or Right Height toilets.

We know from research that different people find different toilet heights comfortable. What may be a comfortable height for one person may be too tall for the others. Therefore, it becomes essential to differentiate between standard height toilets and comfort height toilets.

Seat Height

Standard toilets have a seat height between 15 and 16 inches above the floor. On the other hand, Comfort height toilets or ADA-compliant toilets are defined as the toilets with a seat height of 17″-19″ (measured from the floor to the top of the seat). It is to be noted that the size specified by the manufactures may be a bit misleading as they only include the floor to the bowl size. You need to take into account the size of the seat too to get an accurate idea of the height of your toilet.

If you want short height toilets, you can check it here: Top 24 and 25 Inch Depth Toilets | Best Short Depth Toilets 2021

Some comfort height toilets are sold without a toilet seat, and you have to buy one separately. When it comes to buying a toilet seat for your comfort height toilet, there are many varieties to consider. These include quick-release toilets seats, soft-close toilet seats, top-fixing toilet seats, plastic toilet seats, bottom-fixing toilet seats, wooden toilet seats, heated toilet seats, nightlight toilet seats, bidet toilet seats, etc.

So, while buying a toilet seat, you should choose wisely and carefully what might be good for you.

Standard Height Toilets

Standard Height toilets are the traditional toilets still found in many old American houses. Till the invention of the modern toilets and the toilet clearance laws in the 19th century, 15/16 inches tall toilets used to be the regular height toilets.

There are many benefits of standard height toilets, from the point of both health and convenience. The regular height toilets allow everyone, irrespective of their height, to plant their feet on the floor comfortably. This proves to be pretty useful for kids and people of short heights.

Also, these toilet models are designed so that your hips rest in a lower position than your knees. This makes for effective bowel cleansing. Elderly people or people who suffer from constipation find this very efficient.

We need to acknowledge the drawbacks of the standard toilets too. While these models don’t allow your legs to go numb by being short enough that you can rest your feet down, they also pose problems. It becomes difficult to stand up from these toilets especially if you have a poor knee condition.

Also, they tend to be costlier than comfort height toilets.

To sum up, these are the pros of a standard height toilet:

  • Best for short people
  • Efficient cleansing of your bowels
  • Room to rest your feet on the floor

Comfort Height Toilets

Tall toilets are getting more common nowadays in various parts of the globe. With the changing lifestyle and new rules, the Comfort Height toilets became popular during the 20th century. Taller toilets and seats mean that extra inch you need to sit comfortably on the toilet seat and get up with the least effort.

Measuring up to 17 to 19 inches with the seat, Comfort height toilets give you that extra inch over standard height toilets. These toilets got their name because of the ease it provides to easily sit and get up from them. They adhere to the toilet clearance laws and new ADA legislation that came into effect in the last few decades and prove to be very efficient for elderly people or people with disabilities.

Toilets with a tall height allow the users to exercise less effort getting on and off the seat. Consequently, it is beneficial for seniors with leg, hip, knee, joint or back problems. And also for people with disabilities. They are also cheaper in comparison to standard height toilets of the same brand.

We need to acknowledge the drawbacks of the comfort height toilets too. While these models make it preferable for the arthritic population, they can also lead to loss of blood circulation in the feet. Also, the chair-like design becomes a detriment to the natural posture. This may lead to health issues such as constipation or gastric problems as comfort height toilets are not effective at bowel cleansing.

That doesn’t mar the fact that tall toilets are the best for tall people. They also prove to be a good investment if you have family members with leg, hip, knee, joint or back problems. In case you need taller toilets, check out our curated list: 2 of the Best 19 inch High Toilets|Top 19 inch bowl height toilets

You can also increase the height of your toilet if you want to. One of the best ways to convert existing toilets into tall toilets is by adding an enhanced height toilet seat to the toilet bowl. Another way is installing a pedestal underneath your existing toilet that will increase the overall height of the toilet. You can also add a toilet riser underneath the toilet seat.

To sum up, these are the pros of a comfort height toilet:

  • Good for tall people and arthritic population
  • Easier to get on and off
  • Less expensive

Standard Height Toilets vs Comfort Height Toilets

While a standard height toilet proves to be quite beneficial, it has certain drawbacks too. If you read the article thoroughly, you know that they are not comfortable for people above 5′.9″. Thus, it is no good to install these if you are tall and live alone.

The other downside is the traditional design of these toilets. Choose the wrong model and it may look completely out of place in your well-furnished bathroom. But there are also many products with sleek designs that add elegance to the space where you choose to put the model.

Because of minimum toilet clearance laws and new ADA legislation that came into effect in the last few decades, tall toilets and elongated bowls are more common nowadays. A comfort height toilet is affordable and perfect for those who have a tall height or a specially-abled person living with them.

But, remember one thing, tall toilets are ideal for elders/disabled/tall people, they might not be the best choice for shorter people. However, you can also have a step stool around the base of your toilet to rest your feet.

If you are looking for tall toilets for disabled people, say a person using a wheelchair, you need to ensure that the height of the toilet seat is at the same level as the height of the seat of the wheelchair. This allows the person to move easily to the toilet without any external help. Old people who like to be independent will appreciate these tall toilets as it gives them the freedom they desire.

We have made a list of the best toilets for elderly people in case you need them.

It is necessary to fix a budget before you start the buying process. That way you will know what models you can afford and explore its alternatives. As we have already mentioned that standard height toilets tend to be more expensive than comfort height toilets of the same brand. One important thing here is not to be nitpicky with the price too much. It is no good buying a comfort height toilet- that is cheaper in comparison – if you are a short person.

How to decide which toilet height you will need

Now you know the difference between the comfort height toilets and standard height toilets. We have made sure to mention which model will suit your particular preferences and needs.

It is much needed that you go through all the details of any toilet before buying it. Before you decide on a toilet, make sure of the seat size and the warranty applicable to it. Though looks also play a major role, you should pick a toilet that is comfortable for people of all ages.

Make sure you know who will be using the toilet before you make a purchase. And while you might be attracted by cheap options, remember that it may lead to health issues if you chose the wrong model.

Choosing the right toilet could prove to be a complex task given the number of factors that come into play. It is always better to have both models at your home, standard height and comfort height, especially if you have a big family. So go ahead and choose the model that perfectly suits your requirements.

We hope the information that we have given you helps you in some way. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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