TOTO Vespin II Review 2022: Is It The Best Toto Skirted Toilet

You are here because you’re probably searching for the TOTO Vespin II review on the internet. Well, you are at the right place. Here you will get a detailed Toto Vespin review with every possible info that you should know about this WaterSense certified toilet.

Toto is known for creating high-end, exquisite bathroom fixtures that look, feel, and function luxuriously. Toto is one of the best brands on the plumbing fixture market, even though these toilets are typically more expensive and take more time to install. Consider TOTO toilets if you want a toilet that feels like a throne and enhances the appearance of your bathroom.

In this Toto Vespin II review, I will be discussing with you the specifications, design, flushing mechanism, material, its pros, and cons, etc. So, just sit back and get through this Toto toilet review from start to finish.

Toto Vespin II Review-Breakdown

TOTO Vespin II review

When it comes to toilets or toilet seats, TOTO is the first brand that springs to mind. Toto’s long-lasting products have pleased customers. Toto manufactures a wide range of toilets, both traditional and modern.

TOTO is a Japanese toilet manufacturer and one of the industry’s most well-known toilet brands. It aims to raise people’s standard of living. They’ve been operating for about a century and have been responsible for major toilet innovations. With that said, the TOTO Vespin II truly exemplifies this, with clean aesthetics that can complement any bathroom.

Here goes the review of various aspects of the Toto Vespin II toilet, its design, the innovative flushing system, super easy cleaning, and other aspects of the toilet. So let’s not waste any more time and get started with the Toto Vespin II review.

Design and Dimensions

The two-piece design of this Toto Vespin toilet offers a contemporary flair to your bathroom area while conserving space with a compact elongated bowl. The toilet itself is small but the supply line requires room. It can be a goo choice for small bathrooms if you have enough room behind the wall.

Made of vitreous china, Toto Vespin weighs 106.5 pounds. With dimensions of 28.5 x 16.5 x 30 inches, Kohler Santa Rose doesn’t need much room and can be installed even in a limited space.

The tank and bowl of this two-piece toilet are integrated into a smooth, easy-to-clean design. Furthermore, a compact elongated bowl provides additional comfort while taking up the same area as a round-front bowl.

On top of it all, Toto Vespin is a comfort height toilet making it simpler for most people to sit and stand.

Flushing System

One of the most significant Toto Vespin II specifications to consider is the flushing mechanism. The toilet has a twin cyclone flushing technology, often known as Tornado Flush.

The TORNADO FLUSH is equipped with two strong nozzles that provide a centrifugal, cyclonic washing motion that eliminates waste accumulation and keeps the bowl clean. This high-efficiency system, which uses only 1.28 gallons each flush, is more effective in one flush than conventional toilets are with many flushes.

The system provides efficient flushing, as the name implies. When flushing, this type has two jets, so you can anticipate everything to be gone swiftly.


The two-piece toilet construction simplifies cleaning. In addition, the substance used has a gleaming and antimicrobial effect. Vitreous China is simple to maintain. Simply rub it with your preferred disinfectant or cleaning chemicals. I would, however, advise you not to use harsh chemicals.

According to the care instructions, a mild soap is ideal because harsher products and those containing abrasive particles can damage the surface. As a result, there is more friction.

Bathroom accessories look great in vitreous china. Because the porcelain is durable, the seat will last for a long time. Furthermore, it is simple to clean. The ceramic surface can be polished, matted, or coated with specific layers that prevent quick dirt accumulation and aid in keeping the toilet clean.

Water Consumption

The Tornado flush uses just 1.28 liters of water per flush. This amount of water is 20% less than what a standard toilet uses, so you’ll save money with every flush.

Toto Vespin II employs the best of Toto’s features. This flushing mechanism is extremely powerful and can flush out any amount of solid waste. It is also WaterSense certified.

Ease of Installation

The installation of this model is simple enough that you can do it yourself. Because the toilet is divided into two parts, you won’t have to spend much time putting it together. However, you should not attempt this on your own. You may still need assistance. When you begin the installation, don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install a toilet.

Toto Vespin II installation is not difficult for people who know what they’re doing. Because it is a two-piece toilet, you must install the bowl and tank separately, leaving adequate space between your water pipes and the bowl.

The normal rough-in size is 12 inches, but there are 14-inch and 10-inch alternatives available. When installing the toilet, keep in mind the skirted design, as your supply line outlet may need to be relocated.

Pros and Cons of Toto Vespin II


  • Modern design
  • Skirted trapway for a neat look
  • ADA compliant
  • Watersense Certification
  • SanaaGloss finish for hygiene


  • Not the perfect fit for a small bathroom

Bottom Line: Is Toto Vespin II worth buying

Toto Vespin is a moderately priced two-piece toilet. Vespin features an elongated bowl design and a perfect seat height making it ADA compliant. It features a double cyclone (Tornado flush) flushing system which is highly efficient.

Toto Vespin II uses 1.28 gallons of water making Vespin EPA WaterSense certified. The flush is operated using a Chrome trip lever. Moreover, the SanaGloss finish makes the cleaning part really easy and less frequent.

Since it is ADA compliant it can be used in public restrooms. Vespin is an economical option.

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