Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review - 2021

Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review – 2023

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If you are looking for a DIY toilet then it is very good for those who want to install it by themselves. And which comes at a cheaper price, then it is an easy option that you can easily get through any store nearby. It is the best of all the options. The Kohler Devonshire Toilet is one that gives you simple quality for them.

Apart from that, the Kohler Devonshire toilet is very good when it comes to water-saving and provides a good height for users to be comfortable.

Kohler Devonshire Toilet

Its elongated design is also very comfortable for those who give more space to those who want a good quality toilet. Provides a great solution for them.

Kohler Devonshire Toilet Review - 2023


It gives comfort to the users and also adds space which is why this model is growing in popularity. It is also made to sit at a height, which is painful for the pain of the feet.

Which is very good for all users whether their height is small or big. One of the most noticeable aspects of this toilet is that its one that comes with an elongated look.

Apart from this, it is an excellent choice, which means that it is relatively easy to install.

You will also find a seating bowl, paving hardware tank, and mother ring so that you have everything you need to install.

The included seat even has a quiet close design so you will have an easier time closing the lid up the arc. For the full specifications, check this: Kohler Devonshire Toilet Specifications

Flushing System

For the most part, the flushing system is relatively simple, so you don’t have to worry too much, you will get whatever you want easily.

This is an option that is made to be fast and environmentally friendly but still gives you the level necessary to avoid frequent clogging. It’s also an option that carries EPA WaterSense certification.

Its flushing system uses gravity to provide more power than other options.

All the products used to make this product are Ada compliant, making it a great choice for all users. Which includes all optional needs.


It is designed in such a way that it is not too difficult to clean this one toilet like many other options outside.

As a result, you will be able to use a gentle cleanser with water to keep the toilet well or in good shape.

This is very important to know because Rough Cleaner can deliver to the toilet which will make it very difficult for you to clean with time.

Although this option is ideal for those who want relatively easy maintenance. If you are thinking about toilet care then it plays an important role in cleaning.


For those who want to take into consideration the water consumption for this toilet, you’ll get about 1.28 gallons for each flush; that’s a little under 5 liters per flush.

Comparing this option to others out there can help you to get the exact level of consumption you want.

Ease of Installation

This toilet comes in not one, but two pieces, which means that it has become even easier to install But you have to make sure that you have an additional one hand because the toilet can be full.

However, some users have found out that it is capable of installing the toilet in half an hour. Which saves your time.

If you are happy with this option then you have a moan for shopping and also for thinking.

That way, you need to be ready with this knowledge, what do you need to do, and do you want to establish it?


  • Highly affordable
  • Strong flushing
  • Quick installation


  • Blemishes
  • May clog easily if not maintained

Overall Rating for Kohler Devonshire Toilet: 4.5/5

For those who are looking for an affordable, DIY option, the Devonshire is a great toilet to check out. Among those who have purchased it so far, most have found it to offer a strong flush and a reliable design overall.

On top of that, the installation process is rather quick. However, there have been a few complaints from users.

Many people are interested in what they have to offer so that they can buy more than one item for their homes. This is a really great option to give your bathroom an extra space.

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