the battle of one-piece vs two-piece toilet

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet: Which is better?

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You probably know that there are two most common types of toilets i.e. one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. If you have never shopped for a toilet before, you may have a hard time choosing the best type of toilet for your bathroom.

That’s why we have prepared this article on ‘One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet’ to help you decide which to choose. So, before you buy your next toilet we recommend you read the article and see which option will be best for your bathroom.

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet-Let’s start the battle

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet: What are the differences?

The one question that comes to your mind about the “One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet” is ‘What is the difference between these two?’ And the next could be ‘What are the benefits and value between them?’

That’s where we come to your aid.

The difference between one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets is simple; the toilet tank and bowl are all connected as one whole unit in the one-piece toilet, while the two-piece toilet has a separate tank and bowl.

one-piece toilet kohler
Kohler Santa Rosa One-Piece Toilet

This is the difference between the construction of the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet. One can easily differentiate between them based on their construction. To identify, look at the joint between the tank and the bowl where you will find a clear and visible seam for the two-piece toilet, and not for the one-piece toilet because one-piece toilets come as a whole unit.

two-piece toilet TOTO
TOTO Drake II Two-piece Toilet

In the battle of ‘One-piece Vs Two-piece toilets the main advantage of the two-piece toilets is the detachable tank. So, you can replace the tank and the bowl separately, which means if the tank is broken you will need to replace the tank similarly, if the bowl is broken you will need to replace the bowl.

On the other hand, that’s a drawback for one-piece toilets. If any part of the one-piece toilet breaks, you will need to replace the entire toilet. Also, one-piece toilets are typically heavier.

Meanwhile, in ‘One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet’ the best thing about the one-piece design is that the tank and the bowl are joined together, so, you won’t have to make provisions to support the toilet tank. It consequently makes the overall construction more compact and space-saving. This could be a reason why most of compact toilets are of a one-piece design.

Besides the great looks, the one-piece toilet is easy to clean as well, keeping less room for bacteria to grow. And how is it possible? Because there is no gaps or joint between the toilet tank and the bowl. Consequently, there remains no space for dirt and grime to gather and grow.

Whereas in a two-piece toilet, the tank and the bowl are detachable. Therefore molds and bacteria can easily grow in the joint area of the tank and the bowl. Also, there is a risk of leakage between the tank and the bowl.

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet: Which performs better?

Now you must be asking yourself in One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet, which one performs better? Well, that’s a legitimate question. They both have their pros and cons.

And as far as the performance is concerned, there is hardly any difference between the one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. That is to say, they both can have the same efficiency and flushing power. Additionally, both of them may have the same features and specifications as well.

In conclusion, we can say there isn’t any difference in the performance of the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet. Their features and specifications are almost identical.

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet: Installation

When it comes to installation, the one-piece toilets can be a bit baffling. You will feel challenged to install them due to their size and weight. And if you want to install the one-piece toilet on your own then you must have strong arms and back for that, otherwise seeking professional help is a better idea.

On the other hand, with the two-piece toilets, you will be doing less labor to install them. The two-piece toilet comes with the tank and bowl separately, so you can set and install the toilet in a much more effective way. With that said, one person can easily install these toilets.

Meanwhile, there’s one toilful task which is to mount the tank onto the bowl. In the process, cracks can be caused either on the bowl or the tank due to overtightening the bolts. So, it is always better to follow the manufacturer’s instructions with caution.

Apart from these, we recommend you always get professional help if you are not confident with the installation work and to avoid any kind of trouble as well.

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet: Durability Factor

When it comes to ‘One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet’ durability is one of the major key points to consider. Since the toilet tank and bowl are all connected as one whole unit in the one-piece toilet, there are no joining parts or seams. And from the engineering point of view, it is known that the lesser the joints or connectivity is, the more reliable it will be.

Therefore, One-piece toilets are very easy to maintain. You won’t have to endure the concern of water leaking out of the tank. On the other side, the two-piece toilets will need extra care, especially for leaks.

Besides, both the designs can last long for many years under proper maintenance and care.

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet: Size and Weight

In the battle of the ‘One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet’, both one-piece and two-piece toilets are available in several sizes. Historically, most one-piece toilets soak up barely less area due to the manner they are designed. The tank and bowl are molded collectively so that they don’t need as tons room, front to lower back or in peak.

However, most of them are designed to comfort top hints, which means that the bowl sits at 17 inches, in preference to 15. The two-piece toilets may be determined in both popular and comfortable height, and each toilet is available in sizes to house diverse bathroom designs.

While selecting a toilet, the most critical dimension is the rough-in, that’s the distance from the center of the drainpipe to the wall at the back of the restroom. Maximum toilets take a seat at 12 inches, however, some have a ten- or a 14-inch rough-in. The two-piece toilet has greater alternatives for sitting on a differently sized rough-in because the bowl size doesn’t change. Simply order a different tank to sit down on top. Some one-piece toilets offer the capability to have moveable rough-in to accommodate special bathrooms. So, if you have a peculiar-sized rough-in, you have got greater options with a two-piece toilet.

The one-piece toilet is considerably heavier. It is because a two-piece toilet can be uncoupled to move, halving its weight, while a one-piece toilet carries the whole thing in one mildew. Moving it can be a greater difficulty, and delivery fees may be notably higher as well.

One-piece Vs Two-piece Toilet: Price Factor

One of the most necessary factors in the One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet is price. Generally, two-piece toilets cost less than one-piece toilets. Most of the people used to have a two-piece toilet model in their bathrooms.

These toilets have been in the market for a long and homeowners are familiar with them too. While on the other hand, one-piece toilets don’t have the market volume like that of two-piece models. It could be one of the reasons for its higher price. The complex production process of the one-piece models is also a factor.

Still, one-piece toilet models are popular in the market and are affordable for most consumers.

One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet: Summary of their pros and cons

One-piece toilets-Pros

  • Great aesthetics. A good match for a contemporary bathroom design in every modern home.
  • No worry about water leaking out of the tank and flooding the floor.
  • Easy to clean and upkeep. More hygienic with no joining parts for dirt and bacteria to hide.
  • More compact. A space-saving toilet for small bathrooms
  • More durable due to no joining part to maintain.

One-piece Toilets-Cons

  • Heavy and bulky to install. But when secured to the toilet flange, the job is 90% done. So in this regard, it may also deem as an advantage to some people.
  • Cannot replace toilet tank or bowl separately. Once you break any part of the porcelain, you need a new replacement for the whole toilet.
  • Higher price.

Two-piece toilets-Pros

  • The toilet tank and bowl can be replaced individually.
  • The tank and bowl can be installed separately, so it is less bulky and lighter to handle.
  • Lower cost.

Two-piece toilet-Cons

  • The joining area attracts dirt, grime, and bacteria.
  • Need to clean the area where the tank joins to the bowl. And it’s difficult to thoroughly clean the joining area without removing the tank.
  • Not as sleek looking as the one-piece model.
  • Water will leak out of the tank when the rubber seal starts to deteriorate.

Final thoughts

This was our article on ‘One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet’. We have prepared this article to help you understand the difference between these two toilet designs.

If you have never shopped for a toilet before, you could have a hard time choosing the best type of toilet for your bathroom. We have made this post after hours of research and we hope our blog post on ‘One-piece Vs Two-piece toilet’ will come to your aid.

We hope this guide will help you. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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