KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review – 2021

KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review

In this KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review, we are going to explain the details of the toilet in the following subsections. This is a two-piece single flush toilet.
It’s a standard height toilet. The bowl is sufficiently sized, and the height of the bowl is comfortable. This toilet does not have ADA compliance rating, so therefore it cannot be installed publicly in offices.

KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review

Now that we are ready with the basics, let’s go through KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review and check out its merits and demerits and find out if it is a worthy investment for your home!

Design / Materials

The shape and design of the Kohler Wellworth are pretty minimal and very simple but since it is a two-piece toilet, the look of the toilet is enhanced by its elegantly designed cover. The toilet comes in a standard configuration consisting of a two-piece toilet, the toilet tank, and the toilet bowl.

And for extra comfort, the bowl is elongated and is made using vitreous china.

Flushing System

A single flush action design flushes water and is rushed under high pressure from the center of the canister-based flush valve.

When it comes to efficiency, it is rated in Class 5. The flush gets rid of the bulk waste in style, the flush comes with a chrome-finish trip handle which lends luxury to your bathroom. This is one of our top-rated flushing toilets.


This toilet comes with a fully glazed 2 1/8 inch trapway and a very efficient 1.6-gallon flushing mechanism, ensuring that the design cleans the bowl on every single flush without the need of having to flush twice or have any kind of clogging.


A flush system in Kohler Wellworth uses about 1.6 Gallon of water every time you flush to clean out the bowl.

Ease of Installation

Now, the Kohler Wellworth is a two piece toilet and therefore the installation is comparitively easy. The first step is to install the toilet to the waste pipe system, then add the cistern to the toilet finally. Now, there is one thing you must keep in mind, that the toilet does not come with a seat, and you will have to purchase one separately. Now, to check the dimensions for installation of the toilet and the spacing required to fit the seat, please see the specifications of toilet from the manufacturer, Kohler.


  • Priced competitively, makes it a good choice
  • Uses less water to flush making it environment friendly
  • Modern design to facilitate cleaning


The Kohler Wellworth is not ADA certified, which means it can not be installed for the use of the public in an office or a public restroom, and is meant for installation only at private properties like a home. But keep in mind, since it does not have an ADA compliance rating, and you have a family member in your home with physical disablities that would prevent them from using this toilet, make sure to check out other ADA compliant toilets like the Kohler Cimarron.

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As noted in this KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review, we can see that it is a very competitively priced two-piece toilet with a very efficiently rated flushing system. This means it is highly effective in cleaning large scale waste from the bowl with a single flush. Now, the toilet is one of the areas where we spend a lot of time in our lives, and having a toilet which is easy to clean and maintain is a must. And Kohler does it the best, with a luxurious look! So we definitely recommend getting this one for your bathroom, worthy of investment.

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