24 and 25 inch depth toilets

Top 24 and 25 Inch Depth Toilets | Best Short Depth Toilets 2023

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If you have an extremely small space for a toilet, you will obviously be requiring short-depth toilets. And finding a toilet that fits into a small bathroom can be a bit difficult task. In fact, even many compact toilets may be too big to fit in your space.

In that case, you have to look for 24-inch depth toilets or 25 inch depth toilets. Depth is usually defined as how far out the toilet extends from the wall. Unluckily, many popular toilet brands and manufacturers don’t offer under 25 inch depth toilets.

But fortunately, after hours of research, we have found the best 24 and 25 inch depth toilets and listed them down here. And for the icing on the cake, we also have a few 23-inch depth toilets as well.

Moreover, for your convenience, in this article on the best 24 and 25 inch depth toilets, we have also outlined the best short depth toilets and compact toilets.

All of these toilets are the best short-depth toilets available for sale in the U.S. Let’s have a look at them.

Best short depth toilets – A sneak peek

According to the online product reviews by the American public 24″ Swiss Madison Sublime toilet is one of the best 24 inch depth toilets. It is said to be the only toilet in the U.S. that is available for sale with a strict 24 inch toilet depth.

This toilet got really nice looks and has reasonable pricing as well. Moreover, the new 23.6 inches long DeerValley toilet is also a good alternative.

When talking about the 25″ range, the 25 inch Horow Small Toilet is the most affordable among the other short depth toilets mentioned here. It looks quite similar to the Galba toilet and has decent online reviews so far. But it is cheaper than the Galba toilet.

Shortest Depth Toilets

We will be discussing the shortest depth toilets in this section that is available for sale in the U.S.

Winzo 22.8 inch depth toilet is the shortest depth toilet in our collection. These are the shortest depth toilets currently available for sale in the U.S. This 22.8-inch Winzo toilet is a newbie released in May 2020 in the U.S. And you will find online reviews of this toilet is so far good. This short depth toilet looks decent, provides a lot of details, and is of good quality.

This short depth toilet is followed by a 23-inch Carus toilet. This 23-inch depth toilet has been in the market for a few years now. This 23-inch Carus toilet and Galba toilet are sold by the same company and cost the same. As the selling company is good and this is also one of the shortest depth toilets the 23″ Carus toilet is a good toilet for saving space.

The 24-inch Swiss Madison Sublime II 1-Piece Compact Small Toilet is the next addition in the shortest depth toilets. However, for 24″ toilet seekers, the 24.37-inch long WoodBridge toilet could be a better option. This 24.37″ WoodBridge toilet has been on the market for a longer period, and it is sold by a distinguished bath & kitchen product supplier located in Cerritos, CA.

Before these 23 and 24 inch depth toilets were available in the market, the widely sold short depth toilets were the 24.5 inches long Galba Small Toilet. It’s been in the market for more than five years now. The company which sells this Galba toilet is a reputed company, and their customer service is also good. The toilet is well built, flushes well, and online reviews highly recommend this short depth toilet.

If you have a little more space and can go over 25 inches, the Kohler San Souci Round Toilet is a beautiful and popular high-end toilet. This is a 25.6-inch deep toilet. It is definitely a small height toilet (more specifically a low profile toilet).

Furthermore, if you want a 24 or 25-inch toilet for a 10-inch rough-in, the 25.8 inch American Standard Colony 221DB.004.020 toilet is for you. This toilet is also available in a 12-inch rough-in. And in both 10 and 12 inches rough-in versions, different water consumption level models are also available. You can either get it in the normal water usage version (1.6 GPF) or the 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency toilet version. The main highlight of these short depth toilets is their low price point and the well-known brand tag of American Standard.

All the above-noted toilets are the shortest depth toilets in the U.S. for sale. These short depth toilets are widely used for saving space and creating more legroom in small bathrooms.

24 and 25 inch depth toilets

24.5-inch Galba Small Toilet

24 and 25 inch depth toilets

GALBA SMALL TOILET is the oldest toilet model on this list of the best short depth toilets. It is in the market since 2013, therefore is the people’s favorite, in the range of 24 and 25 inch depth toilets. Galba’s short depth toilet is only 24.5 inches long which is 4 or 5 inches shorter than a regular toilet model.

Overall, Galba small toilet measures 24.5″ long, 13.5″ wide, and 28.5″ high. Since its width is just 13.5 inches, this short depth toilet is ideal for small or narrow bathrooms. This small toilet from Galba is a floor mount toilet having an elongated bowl. The elongated bowl in these short depth toilets makes them comfortable to use.

This is a key highlight of this toilet and, when it was released in the market everyone was amazed to see elongated bowls in the shortest depth toilets at that time. Like other 24 and 25 inch toilets mentioned here, Galba is also a one-piece compact dual flush toilet. Consequently, you get two flush rates. The half flush rate of 0.8 GPF is for flushing liquid waste. Meanwhile, the standard 1.6 GPF flush is for clearing solid waste from the toilet bowl.

More or less like most short depth toilets, this Galba toilet is also made in China. And it is marketed in the U.S. by ‘Luxury Modern Home’. By checking the reviews of the product on online stores like Amazon, you will find that it’s a great toilet in terms of reliability and reputation.

24-inch Swiss Madison Sublime One-Piece Compact Toilet

24 and 25 inch depth toilets

24″ Swiss Madison Sublime One-Piece Compact Toilet is one of the most popular short depth toilets in the U.S. This small toilet measures exactly 24 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 28 inches tall.

In terms of size and features, it is similar to most other short depth toilets. Comparably, it is shorter than Galba and Horow toilets but one inch longer than the Carus toilet, which is 23″ in size. On the other hand, in terms of price, this toilet is cheaper.

These 24 inch depth toilets were launched in the online stores around mid-2018, and you will see them having mixed reviews there.

25-inch HOROW Small Toilet

24 and 25 inch depth toilets

The next one on our list of best 24 and 25 inch depth toilets is the 25″ long HOROW Small Toilet. The HOROW Small toilet measures 25″ Long, 13.4″ Wide, and 28.3″ High. The toilet brand is not very old in the market it was first launched around 2018 and actually a Chinese toilet brand.

They have sold many of this 25″ toilet model online, and you will find glowing customer reviews of the product there. It states that the American public loves this toilet pretty much and is one of the best 25 inch depth toilets.

In terms of appearance, the HOROW toilet looks quite like the Galba toilet, but not completely the same. Meanwhile, the HOROW Small toilet is cheaper than the Galba toilet, and the quality & flushing seem to be good as well, according to the online reviews.

So, these all are the top short depth toilets that you will find today in the range of 24″ to 25″. These 24 and 25 inch depth toilets are ideal for a 24 or 25 inch toilet requirement in your bathroom.

Small 25 to 26 Inch Depth Toilets

After discussing short depth toilets and the best 24 and 25 inch depth toilets up here, we will outline small depth toilets in the range of 25 to 26 inches. If you are okay with a toilet with a depth of 25″ or more, this section is for you.

We have a few more models from the top brands like Kohler and Toto, which still fulfill the small depth toilets requirement.

The first one is from Kohler in the 25 inch toilet range. It is the KOHLER San Souci K-4007-0, which is 25.625 inches long. This short depth toilet measures 25.625 inches in length, 14.5 inches in width, and 24.25 inches in height. This toilet from Kohler is a round front toilet having a flush rate of 1.28 GPF. Moreover, being a low-height toilet is the key highlight of this toilet.

Kohler San Sauci is specially designed as a compact high-end toilet, and because of this design and elegance, this toilet fits perfectly well in medium to large bathrooms.

Now you have the Duravit 0128090000 Starck 3 Toilet. It is a closed-coupled toilet that measures 25.8 inches in depth. Although it doesn’t have any customer feedback to show, this could still be an option for you to consider.

Compact 26 to 28 Inch Toilets

If you have a bathroom that can afford to accommodate a bit bigger toilet in the range of 26″ or more, then we have a few good suggestions for you here.

Usually, the standard toilet depth is between 28″ and 30″. So, toilets shorter than 28″ is considered as the compact toilet. The toilet models sold by popular brands like Toto, Kohler, and American Standard that are labeled as compact toilets are at least 26 to 28 inches in depth.

The TOTO Drake 1.6 GPF Round Bowl 2 Piece Toilet with E-Max Flush System is the smallest on this section. This toilet measures 26.375 inches in length, 19.5 inches wide, and 28.5 inches tall overall. This is a great flushing toilet that has received very good ratings as well.

The next one is from American Standard. The American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option Siphonic toilet is 26.75 inches long. This is a dual-flush toilet with an elongated toilet bowl design and a normal height seat.

Moreover, when you install these 26″ plus toilet models on a standard 12-inch toilet rough-in, they become 27.5 inches or more with the tank clearance distance they leave from the wall. So, yes they can become a bit longer when installed.

Besides, there is a 26.5 inch Swiss Madison Ivy one-piece toilet for you. This is a dual flush toilet that measures 26.5″ depth, 14″ width, and 29″ height with a 0.8/1.28 GPF flush rate.

Buyer’s Guide for Short depth Toilets

Toilet Dimensions

Because of minimum toilet clearance laws and new ADA legislation that came into effect in the last few decades, short depth toilets have become a rarity. Tall toilets and elongated bowls are more common nowadays.

Therefore, you must check your area’s building code for the minimum space required for a toilet in your location. You can not install a toilet either too big or too small if it doesn’t adhere to the toilet clearance laws.

Bowl Shape

The most common bowl shapes in the market are round and elongated. While round bowls are more common in traditional restrooms, elongated bowls have made a place in modern furnishing.

Round bowls, as the name suggests are circular in shape and measure up to 16.5 inches. These models are smaller compared to elongated bowls and thus take less room in your bathroom. So if you need extra space, say for a wheelchair or a walker, round bowls can prove to be useful.

Elongated bowls, on the other hand, are oval in shape and measure up to 18.5 inches. These models offer more sitting surfaces and thus are preferable for old people. However, they take up more room than round bowls. So if you are looking for comfort and have extra room to spare, you can go for elongated bowls.

24.5 inch Galba Small Toilet and 24-inch Swiss Madison Sublime One have an elongated bowl while 25-inch HOROW Small Toilet has a round bowl.

Seat Height

Standard toilets have a seat height between 15 and 17 inches above the floor. It is to be noted that the size specified by the manufactures may be a bit misleading as they only include the floor to the bowl size. You need to take into account the size of the seat too to get an accurate idea of the height of your toilet.

Of the best short depth toilets, we have mentioned on our list, 24.5 inch Galba Small Toilet and 25-inch HOROW Small Toilet have a 16.5″ Seat Height. 24-inch Swiss Madison Sublime One-Piece Compact Toilet on the other hand has a 16″ Seat Height.

Flushing Technology

There are two basic flushing technologies- gravity-feed toilets and dual-flush models.

Gravity-feed toilets are traditionally styled toilets in which water falls from the tank to the bowl. This flush technology generally uses a lot of water and needs high water pressure. These models fit within your budget easily and are easy to repair. However, they may clog if the water pressure is not right and may end up wasting water.

Dual-flush models use the same technology as gravity-feed toilets. Only with these, you get two flushing options, one for removing solid waste, other for clearing away liquids. These toilets tend to be on the expensive side but also do not cause any wastage of water. You may find these a bit confusing at first because of the button and the lever but once you get used, you can save tons of water.

All the best short depth toilets we have mentioned on this list use dual flush technology.

The most recent entry into the market is pressure-assisted toilets. These toilets force water into the toilet bowl by creating air pressure. Pressure-assisted toilets don’t clog and also are water-efficient, unlike gravity-feed toilets. With that said, these models are very loud and require a minimum of 25 pounds per square inch (psi) of water pressure to flush properly.

Toilet Design

Most toilets are either one-piece or two-piece. One-piece toilets are one unit, with the tank and bowl attached. Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, come separately with a tank and a bowl. The tank has to be late attached to the top of the bowl.

It is quite obvious that one-piece toilets cover less space compared to two-piece toilets. They are also simpler to install as they are already integrated to form one unit and thus need not require further assembling. In addition, they are also easier to clean in comparison with two-piece toilets owing to their design. On the downside, one-piece toilets are costlier. Also, if you want to add a raised toilet seat later to it, you may find the task either very difficult or nearly impossible.

Talking about two-piece toilets, these are cheaper compared to one-piece toilets and also more commonly used in restrooms. The installation process is also not cumbersome. All you have to do is bolt the tank above the bowl. You can do it alone too without any external assistance. on the downside, they are prone to leaks and not easy to clean.

Another style of toilet that has entered the market recently is wall-hung toilets. With these, you mount the bowl on the wall and conceal the tank. While wall-hung toilets can be installed at your desired height, they tend to fall heavy on your budget. You will also need to upgrade your drainage system.

Installation and Ratings

We have already mentioned how to install a toilet easily. Still, you should buy models that do not require any extra help and can be installed by a single person.

Another important point to check is the ratings. Toilets are more about their performance than their looks. Therefore, it becomes more important to know how the experience of other people has been with a particular model.

Brand and Price

Though the brand is not everything it is better to be safe than sorry. While buying a certain brand means quality, you may also end up giving more money just for the brand reputation. Therefore, you must maintain a balance between the brand of the toilet and its respective features.

It is no good paying more for a brand name if other less famous models are offering better features.

Similarly, it is no use looking at branded products if they can’t fit your budget. In the end, your budget is what leads to the buying decision. However, there is no need to be disheartened. There are many branded toilets that will fit into your tight budget even.

Still, it is necessary to fix a budget before you start the buying process. That way you will know what models you can afford and explore its alternatives. One important thing here is not to be nitpicky with the price too much. You should never buy a product just because it’s cheap.

Final thoughts

These were our top picks for the 24 and 25 inch depth toilets. These short depth toilets are the best selling in the U.S. If you have small space for the toilet in your bathroom, you can choose from the above-listed toilets dived in the sections of short depth toilets, shortest depth toilets, 24 and 25 inch depth toilets, small depth toilets and compact toilets.

For the 24″ inch range, we recommend you the 24.4″ depth WoodBridge compact toilet. If you don’t have even that much space, the 23.6-inch DeerValley toilet will be best for you.

On the other hand, the 24″ Swiss Madison toilet isn’t bad either, but some online reviews pointed towards the installation difficulties. And if you want to save the most space, look for the new 22.8″ WinZo WZ5079N toilet. It is cheaper and so far has good reviews and ratings.

Moreover, the 23″ Carus toilet is one of the best short depth toilets for small spaces. It is a bit expensive but worth purchasing in the long run.

After hours of research, we have prepared this article on the best 24 and 25 inch depth toilets. All of these toilets are the best short depth toilets available for sale in the U.S.

We hope this guide will help you. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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