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American Standard has been in the home improvement business for more than 140 years. They have been delivering innovative toilets with really great features to improve your day-to-day living. American Standard toilets have long been considered among the best on the market in terms of performance, durability, and cost. With the brand’s fame and popularity, selecting the best toilets by American Standard can be difficult because all of their toilets appear to be equally good.

To address the same, we have prepared an article on the best American Standard toilets Review. This article will introduce you to our top picks for the best American Standard toilets, as well as their reviews.

Over the years, American Standard has proven to be the undisputed leader in the production of high-quality washroom fixtures and fittings that amaze you with their beauty and performance. Their reputation has led to their products being used in three out of every five homes in the United States, as well as hotels, airports, and stadiums.

So, if you are ready now, let us start taking an in-depth look at our American Standard toilets review. Here we will look at the top 5 best toilets by American Standard and their reviews, along with their pros and cons.

Now sit back and relax, here starts our Best Toilets By American Standard and their reviews.

Top 5 Best American Standard Toilets Review

Our top five picks for the best toilets by American Standard are listed below. In this section, we have listed the names of some of the amazing toilets of American Standard.

1. American Standard H2Option

American Standard H2Option review

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In our American Standard toilets review, the first name we have is American Standard H2Option. The American Standard 2887.218.020 H2Option toilet is a high-quality toilet with a variety of features that will provide unrivaled performance for many years. The dual flushing system, which gives you the option of a partial or full flush for maximum water savings, is at the top of the list. With that said, the partial flush uses 0.92 GPF and the full flush uses 1.28 GPF.

Moreover, the one-of-a-kind EverClean Surface technology is another significant advancement. It results in the toilet having an ultra-smooth, mirror-like finish that stays super clean because dirt gets a difficult time clinging to the surface. The technology also prevents mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria from growing on the toilet’s surface. These American Standard toilets can achieve flush rates as low as 1.0 GPF by combining its Siphon jet bowl technology with the PowerWash rim, making it the ultimate water-saver. In fact, when it comes to water consumption, the H2Option meets the EPA WaterSense and MaP Premium standards.

Meanwhile, in terms of toilet height, it is 16½  inches tall. Although the comfort it provides is unparalleled, it is more expensive than regular toilets. Because the toilet is a two-piece toilet, your DIY skills will come in handy for proper installation. One thing to note here, it doesn’t come with a seat, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for an elongated type. Simultaneously, two color-matched bolt caps are included to cover the bolt heads for an elegant look.

With the right height, ultra-high water-saving efficiency, and unrivaled technology, this toilet’s performance is difficult to beat. Also, the good thing is H2Option comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Flushes fast and quiet
  • Dual Flush System – WaterSense certified
  • EverClean Surface included at a budget price
  • Speed connect – fast installation
  • Refills quickly


  • It may not be ideal for short people
  • Seat not included

2. American Standard Champion-4

American Standard Champion-4

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As the name implies, it is a champion among high-performance toilets. The American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 is capable of removing waste that is 70% larger than that of standard toilets. In the Maximum Performance test, the Champion-4 received the highest rating of 1,000 grams (MaP). Even golf balls have been flushed down in this toilet, so its potency is self-evident.

Moreover, the model includes a 4-inch Accelerator Flush Valve, which has 3X the power of a standard 2-inch flush valve and pushes water into the bowl. In a nutshell, in a fraction of a second, this toilet deposits 360 degrees of water into the bowl. This toilet, when combined with its low consumption rate of 1.6 GPF, can deliver an ultra-clean flush more efficiently.

The 2-3/8-inch siphon trapway is another impressive feature of these toilets by American Standard. It is the largest trapway in the toilet industry, capable of moving 70% more mass than a standard 2-inch trapway and 40% more mass than a 2-1/8-inch trapway. Also, the EverClean Surface is a permanent feature of American Standard toilets, and the Champion-4 has it both on the inside and outside. Even after many years of use, the mirror-like EverClean surface is simple to clean.

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It’s worth noting that the Champion-4 meets ADA height requirements with a seat height of 16½ inches. It should be noted that the seat is not included in the box. Finally, for peace of mind, the Champion-4 comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.


  • EverClean surface – minimal effort
  • Powerful flushing capacity – 1.6 GPF
  • 10-year warranty


  • A little pricey

3. American Standard Cadet 3

American Standard Cadet 3

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One of the best two-piece toilets on the market is the American Standard 270AB001.020 Cadet 3. The toilet provides high performance with few clogs thanks to the Cadet Flushing System, which has a 3-inch flush valve diameter and a large siphonic trapway 2-1/8-inch diameter. It is a single flush toilet that uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, making it more efficient than standard toilets. With each flush, the patented PowerWash rim scrubs the bowl, leaving it sparkling clean. There is no doubt why we have mentioned Cadet 3 in our American Standard toilets review.

Furthermore, because of the EverClean surface and vitreous china finish, this American Standard model is long-lasting and simple to clean. It’s a good option for medium to high-traffic bathrooms.

The Cadet 3, with a 10-inch rough-in, is ideal for installation in small bathrooms. Both the tank and bowl heights meet the requirements of the ADA, which recommends a toilet height of 17–19 inches for easy use by people with disabilities. That is ideally the “comfort height” of toilets, so you can expect to sit comfortably on it while doing your business.

Speaking of seats, the toilet does not have one. As a result, you must purchase separately. Keep in mind that this two-piece toilet ships in multiple boxes and may arrive in pieces. Moreover, the product comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, which not only ensures its quality but also provides added security.


  • Stronger flush and less clogging
  • EverClean Surface to Resist Mold, Mildew, and More
  • Design – Concealed trapway
  • Water-efficient – 1.28 GPF


  • Seat design

4. American Standard Fairfield Toilet

American Standard Fairfield Toilet

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Another great one-piece toilet in the High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs) category is the American Standard 2862.058.020 Fairfield. That means it has a flush rate of 1.28 GPF, which is 20% more efficient than a standard 1.6 GPF toilet like the Cadet model above. Moreover, it has a single flush system that is not only simple to use, but you won’t mind it because of the water-saving flush rate. The toilet complies with the EPA’s WaterSense criteria for water efficiency.

The package includes a color-matched seat and cover, so it’s ready to use right away. The one-piece construction and compact dimensions of the toilet make installation a breeze. Furthermore, the toilet uses a siphon action to remove waste, resulting in an ultra-clean bowl with a low likelihood of skid marks. The toilet’s 3-inch flush valve and 2-inch trapway ensure high flush performance with no clogs.

The vitreous china finish makes the porcelain shiny and resistant to stains, while also allowing for easy cleaning. The American Standard Fairfield comes with a one-year warranty, but that does not guarantee its longevity. It can last for years if properly cared for and maintained, as detailed in the product manual.


  • The one-piece design allows for easy cleaning
  • Refills quickly, and quietly
  • Powerful flush
  • Easy to install


  • The seat is a little flimsy and uncomfortable

5. American Standard Cadet-3 Triangle Toilet

American Standard Cadet-3 Triangle Toilet

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Do you have a bathroom that is very small or narrow? Then look no further; the white angel, the American Standard Cadet-3 triangle toilet is here.

If you have a very narrow, small bathroom, the triangular tank fits nicely in any corner, adding more leg space. Even though the triangular tank fits nicely in any bathroom corner, it will not be completely pushed up against the wall; however, it is very close and appears to be custom-made for the space.

The Cadet-3 triangle toilet is a gravity assist toilet with a 1.6 GPF capacity. The tank holds enough water for a flush that is larger than the standard 1.6 gallons. The extra water in the tanks adds pressure to the normal flush, ensuring that you will never see your droplets again.

Although it does not come with a dual flush system, there is a simple workaround. If you need a light flush for your liquid waste, simply push the handle lightly, but if you need a heavier flush for your solid waste, simply push the handle harder and for a longer period.

Except for the supply hose, installation is fairly simple because it comes with all of the necessary parts. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have any tools; it comes with everything you need.


  • Triangle shaped tank – saves room
  • Comfort seat height – better pooping experience
  • Strong flushing power
  • EverClean surface to resist mold, mildew, and more – minimal effort


  • The triangular tank will not completely go flush against the wall
  • No toilet seat

Toilets By American Standard: What is good about them and why should you get one?

When it comes to toilets, American Standard is the real deal. Their toilets are designed to significantly improve your bathroom experience. They have a variety of flushing toilets to choose from, each with its own unique feature that sets it apart from the others. And you have already read about some of them in this American Standard Toilets review.

For instance, some of the toilets by American Standard, are designed to be excellent water savers. To remove the tiniest bits of poop stain from every inch of the bowl, they use less than a gallon of water per flush. If flushing power is your top priority, American Standard’s dual flushing models are a good option, such as the American Standard H2Option.

Furthermore, American Standard has the expertise to raise your level of comfort by a few notches. You get to choose a toilet that completely matches your needs, with models ranging in height, others meant for heavier individuals, and some with special seats for youngsters.

Another advantage is the high quality of their construction, which ensures that your investment will last a lifetime.

With models like the Champion 4 offering an industry-leading 10-year warranty, you have plenty of reasons to trust this manufacturer.

Final words

The toilets by American Standard have long been considered among the best on the market in terms of performance, durability, and cost. The company specializes in producing high-performance and long-lasting toilets, as evidenced by the models shown above. They also provide a variety of styles, including one-piece and two-piece toilets, as well as single- and dual-flush models.

If you’re on a tight budget, the American Standard 2887.218.020 H2Option is an excellent choice. Its dual flush system will be quite useful to you.

The greatest two-piece model, on the other hand, is the American Standard 270AB001.020 Cadet 3. Its comfort height, wide flush valve, and trapway provide maximum performance and fewer clogs. Furthermore, the ADA-compliant American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 makes a significant statement in the one-piece category. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a significant selling feature of the model.

So, this was our article on the best American Standard toilets review. After hours of research, we have prepared this guide. Here we have also provided you with our top 5 picks for the best toilets by American Standard.

We hope this guide will help you. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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