7 Best Corner Toilets For Small Bathrooms

In the event that you have limited bathroom space, installing a corner toilet can save space and still say being concerning manner. Remember, that installing a waste line in the corner against the wall will be more annoying.

Property holders with a small bathroom that may want to stay away from a expensive redesign should use a corner toilet. Be that as it may, Before purchasing a corner toilet, you’ll need to quantify the right quantification for your space.

Here are the Top 7 Best Corner Toilet for small bathrooms:

1] American Standard Cadet 3 – The Best Compact Corner Toilet

corner toilet

Cadet 3 by American Standard takes the main position on the best corner toilets for little bathrooms as it is combine many important points. It’s a average modest toilet that provides heavy-duty design. I ensure that you won’t have issues with a suitably installed Cadet 3 for quite a long time.

The stretched shape of this corner toilet bowl model is designed in consistence with ADA recommendations, which makes it higher-ranking for most users. Likewise, glassy China has an anti-germ awning that makes it’s easier to clean and doesn’t let the germs to redo as quick as in more oldest models.

This thing has a 12-inch disagreeable in, which implicit that it doesn’t take too much space of bathroom and will entirely fit nearly any bathroom.

I prescribe this corner toilet model to each and everyone who needs a stylish and durable solution that will suitable for any bathroom design. This product is amazing except if you need something greatly more minimized.


  • 1.28 gallons per flush;
  • 12-inch harsh in;
  • widespread design;
  • heavy-duty materials;


  • the seat is excluded.

2] Sheffield Corner 2-Piece WaterSense – Dual-Flush Corner Mount Toilet

corner toilet

Sheffield’s WaterSense is an amazing full-size dual flush toilet that contain of a full-size enlarge base and an all, or need a below the norm solution, K-6299-0 will take care of you. bright twofold area water tank. The flush construction depends on the WaterSense technology that meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules. Sheffield engineers gave their best and made a flush with low water uses and the most un-number of parts, which implicit life length.

Contrasted with different models, this one can save you up to 25,000 gallons of water annually because of the 0.8-gallon flush and a quality of 1.6-gallon one.

This corner toilet will completely fit design with pile of round shapes and warm tones. All things considered, technology is the main thing.


  • elongated shape;
  • double flush;
  • hard core porcelain.


  • floor jolts and jolt covers excluded.

3] Sheffield Corner 2-Piece WaterSense – A Smaller Dual-Flush Triangle Toilet

corner toilet

This double flush toilet model is basically the similar as the past thing by Sheffield. It provide such features as a cost-effective double flush part, against germ porcelain awning and WaterSense.

In spite of the fact that this model is more humble, it gives the equal flushing power. The little button releases 0.8-gallon, while the agreeable seize enacts the 1.6-gallon flush. Exchanging the two types, you can set aside to 25,000 gallons for every year, which is amazing.

I prescribe you to prefer this model if the past one is unduly big, yet you need to have also technology and cost-productive fixture without jumbling the room. The contemporary design of the product will impeccably match different interior styles.


  • small double flush model;
  • simple installation;
  • cost-effective flushing;
  • grade a anti-germ China;
  • stain-evidence covering.


  • floor bolts and covers are sold separately.

4] KOHLER Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl – Extra-Compact Corner Toilet Bowl

corner toilet

KOHLERs are renowned for their awesome design, accuracy, and durability. K-6299-0 is one of the brand’s most smaller toilets up until this bit. In malice of the fact that it’s not intended for corners, it really allows you to save up a lot of space. On the off prospect that your bathroom has a back wall where you can hang this toilet, you have to think about this choice. It’s go along with heavy-duty carrier system that can without much of a easy handle heavyweight.

The greatest advantage of this design is the sample to lessen up to 12-inches of projection. This gets imaginable due to the completely covered up flushing system.

You can mount it behind the drywall, which expects you to find a design solution ahead of time. In any expectation, I believe it worth the saved space. Moreover, you can collect any flush buttons you like to change this toilet to your specific design.


  • eventually compact size;
  • concealed tank design;
  • upscale design solution;
  • concealed mounting hardware;
  • one-piece toilet development.


  • requires a back wall in particular.

5] Troyt Corner 2-Piece Round Bathroom Toilet – Compact Round Bowl With Corner Toilet Tank

corner toilet

I apprehend that occasionally it’s difficult to install a wall hung toilet and a normal size model looks too bulky. In such a case, I can prescribe you to prefer a minimized standard toilet and Troyt Round Toilet is a good option.

It has a 30-inch projection, 29-inch height, and 17¼-inch width. While these parameters are very like the smaller adaptation of Sheffield, the seat height is decreased to 14⅞ inches. It’s a good solution for ones with normal and less than great height.

The flushing ranging of this model does exclude 2 buttons but has a high-low press button system that allows you to release from 0.8 to 1.6 gallons per flush, possible upon the pressing factor you apply.

The package includes a basic closing seat with sturdy plastic mounting jolts. Such a seat won’t really fall down and make uproar. Unfortunately, the floor jolts are eliminated, but this issue identifies with by far most of models. Consider this one in the event that you need a compact reduced-height corner toilet with an abbreviated round bowl.


  • compact round bowl;
  • spacious tank;
  • all inclusive design;
  • ANSI, EPA, and UPC-agreeable;
  • scratch and stain-safe.


  • seat height is absurdly low for tall ones.

6] Signature Hardware Braeburn Round Chair Height Toilet – High and Stylish Corner Toilet

corner toilet

Braeburn is an unrivaled corner solution for small bathrooms with an all inclusive 30-inch projection and 12-inch disagreeable in. Notwithstanding, it feels not quite the same as the past model because of the higher seat. The 16-inch bowl height is astounding for everyone of normal or above average height. All things considered, it’s not very high for kids and pleasurable with ADA guidelines.

The three-sided water tank does exclude a dual flush of a high-low push system. All things being equal, it provides a decreased 1.28-gallon release power that can set aside to 10,000 gallons of water annually. It’s not the most economical model, but it’s even more cost-effective than classic system.

The two bolts are covered with flat lids that make the ordinary look of the fixture much more sharp and modern. Coincidentally, the slow-closing seat is included into the package. It never hits the boundary of the bowl. The chrome flush buttons concludes the perfect design of this toilet.


  • high 16-inch bowl;
  • compact round bowl;
  • cost-productive flush system;
  • simple access design.


  • can show up absurdly high for certain users and adults.

7] Renovator’s Supply Elongated Toilet – Space Saving, Small Corner Toilet


corner text

Corner toilet is a variety of a close by close-coupled toilet, and it gives many preferences to the owners of small bathrooms. The thing that matters is that it has a three-sided water tank that makes it imaginable to project the toilet diagonally out of the corner. This form factor doesn’t influence the tank volume and preserve the ease of the toilet.

On the off possibility that your bathroom isn’t large enough for setting the toilet anywhere without issues, a corner toilet is a thing you should search for to take care of the problem. This venture will make your new bathroom greatly more advantageous to use.

In spite of the reality that the corner-fitting shape isn’t as ordinary as the standard, the market is overflow with many colors and styles. You can also choose models furnished with so much advancements as dual flushing, anti-germ covering, water-productive flushing.

The most apparent advantage of corner toilets is space-saving, but at the same time they’re a neater interior design that can make the bathroom look more spacious and even interesting. It will give you more chance for setting other elemental parts, for example, a bigger clothing box, bathtub, or a shower cabin.

Here’s another corner toilet that is fit to more modest bathrooms. In any chance, this one comes from Renovator’s Supply. This top showcase snappy toilet is designed to fit cozily in the bathroom sink area.

It is about the tank design which works commendable in that regard. The Reno-Gloss completely is both stain-and scratch-verification. Also, it is smooth.

In addition to the reality that this whites ceramic complete look good, but it likewise hinders bacteria and stain from getting appended to the toilet. That implicit you’ll have a toilet that can remain clean throughout a important stretch of time.

Water Efficient and Solid Design

All the more importantly, you will get a corner toilet that speaks to a water-effective and very much designed equipment for your small bathroom. The installation is genuinely easy as there are only a several parts that ought to be amassed.

It is only a standard do-it-without anyone’s help project a great many people can deal with all alone. The installation process takes somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 minutes.

Double flush capacity is something else you will like about this corner toilet. It implicit you can pick the flushing mode relative on the waste, subsequently using less water. The toilet is equipped for clearing any sort from waste easily because of the amazing flushing element.


  • Stain-confirmation
  • Smooth design with exclusive Reno-Gloss finish
  • Agreeable height
  • Amazing flush with the double flush ability
  • Assembly is simple and clear


  • The gasket between the back and the toilet isn’t the right size
  • The lid doesn’t go right down
  • Plastic tank bolts feel unassuming

Buyer’s Guide

corner toilet

Corner toilet is a variety of a nearby close-coupled toilet, and it gives numerous preferences to the owners of small bathrooms. The thing that matters is that it has a three-sided water tank that makes it conceivable to project the toilet diagonally out of the corner. This structure factor doesn’t influence the tank volume and preserve the ease of the toilet.

On the off chance that your washroom isn’t large enough for setting the toilet anyplace without issues, a corner toilet is a thing you should search for to take care of the issue. This venture will make your new washroom substantially more advantageous to utilize.

In spite of the fact that the corner-fitting shape isn’t as mainstream as the standard, the market is brimming with various colors and styles. You can likewise choose models furnished with so much advancements as double flushing, anti-germ covering, water-effective flushing.

The most apparent advantage of corner toilets is space-saving, but at the same time they’re a neater interior design that can make the washroom look more spacious and even interesting. It will give you more opportunity for setting other fundamental components, for example, a bigger clothing box, bathtub, or a shower cabin.

Step by step instructions to Install a Corner Toilet (Actionable Guide)

The establishment process of a corner toilet is mainly part into step by steps. How about we learn them all.

  1. Above all else, you need to decide the disagreeable in zone of the toilet, in view of the model formation. You need a straightedge to draw combatant lines from the imprints (10″, 12″, or 14″) on the wall. You need an great square eventually.
  2. Next, you need to install the wax ring on the spine. It requires a notable amount of strain to be fixed immovably, but not all that enough as the ring should stay in the underlying shape.
  3. Currently you need to install bolts into the mounting holes and land the toilet cautiously to modify the mounting holes of the toilet with the bolts. You need to push down the toilet to assure compact contact with the wax ring. Try not to eliminate it following, as it will break the spillage.
  4. The following stage, you need to assure that the toilet is level and change the level using shim if elemental. At that point when it’s set, you can straighten out the bolts, yet do it cautiously. It’s imperative to substitute the jolts and fix them up incrementally. Try not to place an excessive amount of strain to maintain a strategic distance from breaks in the foundation.
  5. On the off prospect that you have a two-piece corner toilet, you need to get the blots through the mounting holes of the tank and slide them down into the opening on the largest tip of the bottom next to the tank. Check the level and change it if necessary. At that point fix the washers and nuts to fix the tank.
  6. Currently you need to assure that there are no leakages. For this, you need to interlink water supply tubes, turn on water supply, and use the flush 5-7 times to assure that there are no leakages.

In that instance of all is great, you’re ready to installed the seat, which is anything but difficult to manage without guidelines. At long last, you need to fix the foundation of the toilet with tile grout or latex caulk. Allow it to dry and value it.


corner toilet

Q. Does a corner toilet save space?

A. An suitably installed corner toilet can set aside a differentiate measure of room in a small bathroom. It’s somewhat rigid to install the waste line in the corner, but the end-item merits the difficult work.

Q. What amount space is required for a corner toilet?

A. As designated by the primary installation code used by totally experienced plumbers, the gap between the toilet and sidewalls should have to be at any cost 15 inches. Simultaneously, there should be connect with 30 inches between the focal point of the bowl and the center of the room, while the dividing before the toilet should be at any cost 24 inches to give comfort to average users.

Q. How far is Toilet rough-in from the wall?

A. The standard gap between the drywall and the toilet rib is at any cost 15.5 inches from the wall outlining to the rib community. In the event that you are installing it close to the back wall, you need to put the flange at any cost 12.5 inches from the wall outlining.

Q. How would you measure the harsh in for a corner toilet?

A. To quantify the right harsh in zone for the corner toilet, you need to scale and stamp the length out from the edge of every drywall or back wall. Contingent upon the corner toilet computations you have, the rough somewhere far off can change from 10 inches to 14 inches.



Currently you have the basic details for picking the right corner toilet and introducing it relevantly. I’m certain that it’s perhaps the most great choice for little cloakrooms, so you have to prefer it for your new design project. You can advise your designer to resolve on the most thought about choice.

Do you have any instinct of installing and using corner toilets? You can share it in the comment sections. In the event that any questions stay in the wake of examine, you’re free to ask me in the comments, and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

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