Top 24 and 25 Inch Depth Toilets | Best Short Depth Toilets 2021

24 and 25 inch depth toilets

If you have an extremely small space for a toilet, you will obviously be requiring short depth toilets. And finding a toilet that fits into a small bathroom can be a bit difficult task. In fact, even many compact toilets may be too big to fit in your space. In that case, you have to … Read more

Top Low-Profile Toilets | Best Low height toilets for small bathrooms

best low-profile toilets

Low-profile toilets have a low tank height. Low-profile toilets were quite popular decades ago when toilets were allowed to flush with a lot more water. Because of their low tank height, you lose the extra flushing power that is generated due to the higher gravity (in toilets with higher tank height). But don’t worry, with … Read more

Best Oversized Toilets and Toilet Seats for fat & heavy people 2021

best oversized toilets

We all use the toilet every day. It is a day-to-day product that each one of us needs. While this is an integral part of our daily lives, some people might find the product unfit for them. For instance, fat, heavy, or obese people can not use normal toilets. When it comes to finding the … Read more

Top 18 inch high toilets|Toilets with 18 inch High Toilet Bowl

18 inch high toilets

As you may know, comfort height toilets or ADA-compliant toilets are defined as the toilets with a seat height of 17″-19″ (measured from the floor to the top of the seat). This height is different from the standard toilets, whose height measures 15 or 16 inches (from the floor to the top of the seat). … Read more

6 Best Tall Toilets for Elderly, Disabled & Tall Person In 2021

list of best tall toilets for elderly

Tall toilets are not less than a boon for elderly and disabled people. While growing old, as a result of ageing muscle and lack of strength, it becomes increasingly difficult sitting down on a toilet seat and get up again. Fortunately, products like tall toilets and tallest tall toilets are available that can help them. … Read more

4 Best Wall Hung Toilets-Ultimate Review & Guide

weight a toilet can hold

If you are looking for the best wall-hung toilets then, this article is for you. Wall-mounted toilets are the best option for small bathrooms. Having a well-designed and quality toilet in a small bathroom is a boon. A wall-mounted toilet saves a lot of space in such areas. A wall-mounted toilet is a fully functional … Read more

Things to Consider When Buying a Toilet – 2021

Things to Consider When Buying a Toilet

John Harington, the inventor of the modern flush toilet wouldn’t have thought that his invention would come to be one of the most important inventions for humanity. Given, that an average person visits a toilet over 2,500 times in a single year, makes it important for you to choose a toilet that you’ll see very … Read more

Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms – 2021

corner toilet for small bathroom

In the event that you have limited bathroom space, installing a corner toilet can save space and still say being a concerning manner. Remember, that installing a waste line in the corner against the wall will be more annoying. Property holders with a small bathroom that may want to stay away from an expensive redesign … Read more

Best Upflush Toilet Reviews – 2021

best upflush toilet 2021

Are you looking for the best upflush toilet? With a commonplace toilet, waste is flushed down the snare and into the sewers. In any case, your washroom may be in the basement. Or on the other hand, it may have been changed over from a room that wasn’t at first a bathroom. In the two … Read more

The Best Toilet Sink Combo Reviewed – 2021

best toilet sink combo review 2021

An incredibly old thought made new again, the toilet sink combo (or toilet top sink combo) has extended in prevalent among mortgage holders who know about their water use. A toilet sink combo grants you to preserve water each time you flush the toilet. Sounds unrealistic, isn’t that so? We should dive into these gadgets. … Read more